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Industrial Flocking Solutions | Flock adhesives for technical applications


The application fields of the flock technology are nearly unlimited. Flocking is applied whenever people count on the tactile, insulating, silencing, gliding, adhering, cleaning and decorative characteristics of a flocked surface.

In the flocking process small fibre particles are electrostatically incorporated into an adhesive layer which was applied just shortly beforehand, so that an evenly dense textile surface made of millions of flock fibres results.

In the technical or textile field the adhesive in use can be applied either on the complete surface by spraying or brushing or in the shape of a motif by screen printing or rotary printing.
Highly functional flock coatings can be realised for all kinds of industrial application fields such as mouldings, glove boxes, coiled cables, rubber profiles, carpet mats, furnishing articles, cosmetic applicators, shirt numbers, diffusors, paint rollers, cleaning cloths, cases for glasses, insulation and barrier layers and many more.

A great variety of flock adhesives

This professional flock manufacturer offers a broad range of high performance and ecological flock adhesives. Depending on the required characteristics and the desired application field we sell innovative adhesives based on water, silicone and solvents which are optimally adjusted to the various applications.

For a versatile technical use, every kind of applicationĀ process and nearly every substrate (among others plastics, foamed material, metal, paper) we sell the optimum adhesive systems such as dispersion adhesives, solvent-based adhesives, silicone-based adhesives or adjust them individually in close cooperation with you. We additionally support your flock processes with fixing agents and other auxiliaries as well as with our competent technical service.

We will be pleased to advise you personally on your individual requirements.

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