Failed health! Where is Heritage bank MD? Is Ifie Sekibo terribly sick?…Why he hasn’t been to work since January.

While good news picks its way laggardly across the world, bad news leaps across the world’s remotest stretches at the speed of light.

Little wonder, news about the very brilliant MD of Heritage bank, Ifie Sekibo ill-health is making its way across the social and political spaces, at alarming speed.

No sooner did the US based online newspaper, Sahara Reporters, broke the news than the rumour mill set to work, perpetuating the story that Sekibo is terribly sick and he has not been to the office since January this year.

The Capital however, has it on good authority that the hardworking banker, Sekibo, is very sick.

Though, Heritage bank has not come out to debunk the story even as you read.

According to the report, “Saharareporters learned that the bank Managing Director, Ifie Sekibo has not been to work since January, and was reported to be ill”.

The multi-million dollar question now is; WHERE IS HERITAGE BANK MD, IFIE SEKIBO?

Source: The Nigerian Voice