'Fate of the Furious': Where the Rock and Vin Diesel's Fans Really Differ

If you like Dwayne Johnson more than his co-star, you are also more likely to favor Thor over Spider-Man or Al Franken over Jeb Bush.

Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel can’t quite seem to get along, and it turns out, even their fans can’t agree on a lot of things.

The team at Ranker Insights has crunched the site’s data to look at the different tastes of both action badasses’ fans, and some of them are pretty surprising. A few highlights from the site, in which users can vote on their favorites in pop culture. 

Superheroes: The Rock’s fans prefer Thor, while Diesel’s prefer Spider-Man.

Politicians: The Rock fans like Al Franken, while Diesel’s are in to Jeb Bush.

Rappers: Its Jay Z for The Rock fans and Wiz Khalifa for Diesel fans.

TV shows: The Rock are members of the Clone Club and like Orphan Black, while Diesel’s fans can’t get enough of The CW’s The Flash.

But there’s good news. There is common ground among the fans, with both really liking Paul Walker, Aziz Ansari and … President Donald Trump.

The Rock and Diesel have proven to be a formidable box-office duo, but behind-the-scenes, tension has been brewing. During the massive press tour for Fate of the Furious, the stars have been kept apart following an on-set beef. That follows reports of on-set tension that culminated in Johnson sharing a post on Instagram criticizing unnamed co-stars, which reports later identified as Diesel.

Check out the full list of insights below that Ranker provided exclusively to Heat Vision:

SOURCE: Hollywood