Fessu Paid A Consultative Visit To Nerc, Made Resolutions In Restoring Light To Some Parts Of The State Where There Is Total Blackout

Federation of Ekiti State Students Union (FESSU) National Body is the umbrella body and most powerful students association for all indigenous students of Ekiti origin home and abroad

Electricity Blackout;
In line with the Federation of Ekiti State Students Union consultative meeting with the Nigeria electricity regulatory commission in relation to the widespread power outage in many part of Ekiti State, including Ekiti East, Ekiti west, Some part of Ekiti South West and Gbonyin local government areas, to find out reasons for the worrisome occurrence that had deteriorated the living condition of the citizens of the state, both the indigene and the dwellers.

A selected team comprises of FESSU Executives Senators across the Federation higher citadel of learning on yesterday, Friday 17th March 2017, paid a visit to the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission Office in Ado Ekiti to discus and find a lasting solution to the darkness ravaged areas.

Attending to us in his Office was the Head Manager of Technical, Engr. Aluko, flanked with the Secretary and Assistant Secretary of the Commission, Mrs Adewale and Miss Tolani respectively.

The Technical Officer paid encomium to the National leadership of FESSU, for their ingenuity and for bearing the burden of the ordinary Ekiti State indigenes, noting that it is needed to ensure the overall development of our nation

While addressing the FESSU leadership, the Head Manager of Technical of NERC, Engr. ALUKO gave insight on the establishment of NERC as to regulate electricity distribution in Nigeria.

He asserted that the issue of electricity in Ekiti is very cumbersome, that various community leaders had been met and it was discovered that the inability of the electricity consumer in the affected areas to pay their bills, non-challant attitude of some community leaders to contribute their quota to the process of reconnection, harassment and public assault of BEDC officials in GBONYIN local government area.

FESSU Leadership raised the issue of reconnection of electricity at the Ekiti State University School Gate area when student are about going on vacation as well as vandalization of cables at the same school gate given insight that ordinary person that lacks knowledge of electricity installations cannot go to the transformer and cut or remove the cables.

The Head Manager in his response noted that the brain behind the reconnection while the students are on vacation is to reduce load but we reacted that a buyer can only pay for what he had used and not the other way. We maintained that load can be reduced even when students are on session.

We were also given the insight on the proposed plan by the State Government intervention to get power restored to the affected areas of Ekiti North, Ekiti South, IDO, Ikole, Otun, among others.

=> We were advised to write the business manager, Ado Office of Benin Electricity distribution company, being the one in charge of the affected areas, seeking the bill of those communities and re-apologize for the molestation of the BEDC officer

=> It was advised that communities should be ready to pay 40% of their bills and BEDC should show immediate readiness to restore power to those areas

=> That we should urge traditional rulers to intensify efforts in ensuring restoration of light

The leadership of the students body however promised that meeting would be scheduled with the community leaders of the affected areas. In addition a meeting would be scheduled with the BEDC to assert the actual debt of the areas as well as other condition to expedite actions in getting electricity restored as soon as possible.

Com. ADEWUMI, Idowu P. (Nobleman)
National President
Com. ADEMILUYI, Joseph A. (AyoMighty)
National General Sec.
AROWOLO, Samuel ‘Ayomi (Profsam)
National PRO

Source: The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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