FG Focuses On Food Instead of Lives Lost, Begs Zamfara Terrorists

Nigeria's minister of Interior, AbdulRahman Dambazzau, memorialized for using state security personnel to clean his shoes in public, has again bewildered the world by paying attention to the food security impact of the un-abating terror in Zamfara over the more pertinent issue of lives lost.

The minister made his statement on visit to the state, making headlines over the effect on food supply above the more important and horrific loss of lives. At least 17 Nigerians were massacred in the latest recurrent attack by terrorists in the state. Images and videos of the attack showed the living and dead, gruesomely hacked, laying in their mixed blood.

No State of Emergency Declaration
While a state of emergency has not been declared and only one hundredth of the security forces drafted to protect the recent Abuja APC conference have been sent to Zamfara, the federal government seems more focused on food supply, food which can be imported, over the lives of Nigerians lost.

The number of dead and their names have not been announced by the federal government. The terror group or groups involved and their motives have not been made known by the SSS and police. A definitive strategy to end the incessant loss of lives has also not been enacted. The nation remains at level zero.

Rather, the minister of Interior begged the terrorists to surrender and embrace peace. The announcement left Nigerians in shock. Embrace peace where? In prison?

Globally, leaders of nations warn terrorists that they will not escape justice and escape the harsh hands of the law. But this is not so in Nigeria. Terrorists and murderers are pleaded with to lay down their arms instead of warned to expect the full wrath of state security forces and judgement of the law.

Terrorists in Nigeria are routinely set free without passing through the courts. Reconciliation is the method when communities engage in violence with the perpetrators allowed to live free and ready to murder again in the future. Nigeria's constitution is unambiguous on the punishment for murder. There should be no excuse and no escape.

Nigeria's anti-terror bill as amended declares without controversy that capital punishment is to be meted upon terrorists and severe punishment delivered to those who aid and abet them. The failure of the federal government to deliver this prescription on terrorists puts the government in the league of the supporters of terror. There is no mincing words here. This is why citizens continue to resort to terror and Nigeria remains the most terrorized land on the planet.

Nigeria's Commander in Chief must resign for failure to ensure the fundamental human right to security of life and property. Nigeria's senate should initiate impeachment processes to usher in a new government that will retire and try the failed service chiefs and restore security of life and property in Nigeria.

Defend Yourselves!
In the mean time we urge the citizens of Zamfara state to defend themselves. Nigeria is a failed state. It's leadership is more interested in politics and food than the lives of the citizenry. Our security departments have lost their minds.

Nigeria's police chief openly admitted that 80% of the police have been rented out to protect the wealthy cabal, leaving the citizens at the mercy of terrorists. The state has failed. The people are left no recourse than to rise up and defend themselves.

Our prayers and hearts are with the poor and desperate people of Zamfara. One day there will be judgement.

Dr. Perry Brimah, Whatsapp: +234-903-420-3031; +1-929-427-5305; @CabalMustGo; @EveryNigerian; [email protected] ENDS.ng

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SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)

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