FIFA Explains Why Ref Was Banned For Life

By Ibrahim Taiwo , The Nigerian Voice Sports

Fifa has explained why Ghanaian referee Joseph Lamptey was banned for life, saying he tried a�?to make certain bets successfula�? in a World Cup qualifiers.

a�?He [took] intentional decisions with the sole purpose of facilitating a minimum number of goals to make certain bets successful,a�? Fifa said.

Fifa said it was alerted to possible match manipulation by five different betting monitoring companies who a�?independently and simultaneously reporteda�? that irregular betting activities had taken place.

In a statement: a�?Suspicious betting activities reached their climax precisely when Lamptey took the incorrect refereeing decision between the 40th minute and the end of the first half.a�?

a�?All five betting operators deemed the betting activities witnessed during the match to be highly irregular and indicative of match manipulation,a�? Fifa affirmed.

No details were given of who may have placed the bets.

Neither South Africa nor Senegal were found to have been involved in the a�?match manipulationa�?.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (sport)

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