Filthy Rich Oldies Party & Celebrate Mace Without Fear Of Attack

When we were growing up it was a common wish that our children would do better and become more prosperous that we did in life. The youths must not be bamboozled. Mace is simply a symbol of distraction. No matter how you use it, you can never be British or American. Ask Igwe, Emir and Oonifor a copy of theirs if that will change your culture of corruption.

Our children then meant every child coming after us since we wanted to leave the world a better place than we met it. Unfortunately, in our lifetime we are witnessing mad filthy rich old men dancing naked in the market claiming they are celebrating Mace, marriages and birthdays while the majority of the people they rule watch the opulence and ostentatious display of wealth stolen from them.

There is nothing wrong with rewarding yourselves and your children after working very hard or multiplying money you met at home, loans or Esusu turned into multi billions successful corporate projects. We wish you well, emulate your hard work and want to be like you when we grow up. Hard earned money inspires youths, creates jobs and more important, fosters good morals character in the communities. A well-disciplined corporate practice produce ethical leadership for a variety of children including discipline from parents to children.

On the other hand, unscrupulous businesses and political opportunists create, replicate and encourage youths that follow their path of greed, corruption leading to a society that becomes unstable, unable to sustain itself or even perish like an old empire mere in decadence. Most of their children develop a sense of entitlement, aimless and continue the moribund failures of their parents, even abroad; which looked like success to the blind or naive observers. These are midnight marauders claiming success with nothing to show for it.

When they go to Dubai, London and New York to celebrate: e woara yin niaworerin, won wo yin niawosunkun. Those people you are trying to impressed, are moved beyond tears for the plight of your people at home. In other words, we are in the midst of moral decadence as our looters dance and celebrate on the graves of women, children and helpless men just to amuse themselves.

Ask each of them what they do for a living, they will claim some multi dollar or euro dealings in the skies that have never benefited the country they serve. Ask them how much they declared and pay in taxes, they will tell you the common man is not paying his share of taxes but expect services. We all wish they could practice what they preach when they deduct from common mana��s paycheck. Pay As You Earn. What they have mastered, is how to milk the treasure legally.

Therefore we watch as Vagabonds-In-Power crowd out struggling youths and compete with honest successful women and businessmen by celebrating new wives, birthdays, weddings and naming ceremonies for themselves and their children. Their friends, classmates or cohorts that are not so privileged cannot honor the invitations that may or may not have come their ways. If they decided to crash local parties without being stopped at the gate by protectives armed guards, they certainly cannot honor the exalted occasions in London, New York, Caribbean or Dubai, even when formally invited.

The cost of designer suits, exotic lace and gele are enough to deter acquaintances with limited means. You may wonder where some of your friends obtain money to dawn these expensive uniforms only to show up to collect food in plastic bags, tucking it in their handbags (nah take home doggie bagnaow). If lucky to grace one of those auspicious occasions, they get to collect a suitcase full of goodies. When dressed to kill by wrapping tight in see-through dress, slim fit or with bleached skins, some of them may get sprayed with foreign currencies. Investment in asoebi uniforms may or may not pay off at these parties!

It is no longer where they get the money from, it is up to you to prove where or that they looted the Central Bank legally and illegally. Some of us do not understand the House Mace distraction, democracy, rule of law and due process. Police, lawyers and judges that are knowledgeable are positioned to interpret these as they do in a�?saner climesa�?. Only a fool would steal in moderation without dipping deep to pay-off for all these law men and women, taken into consideration. In short, steal enough to pay each of them off at every stage.

If you chop alone you die alone. There are accusation flying left, right and center. Rogues accusing money launderers or cats waiting for their turns like former Speaker Bankole did. If a dog steal a bone, you may find it later somewhere, when these cats steal meat, there is no point of return. If you are not careful or claim to be above par, they will rope you in. Ask Prof.Tam David-West, Dr. Adenike Grange or Prof. Fabian Osuji. More Northerners stoned barawo.

We have to be careful now. We do not want to antagonize our youths or label them lazy as none of them would bell the cat. Some are very comfortable with their IPhone, even without a job trying to cope with the children of the rich and famous. There used to be a time though, when youths would protest over bad food in the universities, lack of running water, rigged appointments or dirty environment. When, when, please when was that again? Ancient history!

What is beyond reason is why the same youths would risk their lives across the sea and desert but would not risk confronting their oppressors at home: only snatched useless Mace in the House. Some admitted that they were willing to waste their lives where nobody knew them than die at home hungry and desperate. During the Bar Beach Show, some armed robbers confessed that bullets killed faster than hunger. Only a hungry belly knows where it hurts!

These spent leaders are now positioning themselves as the champions of youthful presidential candidates for new leadership. They failed when they were in position to change the direction of their country and to provide for the future of the same youths. Never underestimate our youths, they may cast their differences aside and elect a young blood as the President. They may disappoint the filthy rich old men that are lining up for Any Party In Power!


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)

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