Finally, BBN Star, Bisola Forgives Thin Tall Tony

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

It was smooth ride for the just concluded Big Brother Naija, Contestants, Bisola and Thin Tall Tony, as they were an item of discuss while in the show until TTT was evicted.

Bisola moved on but always in tears whenever she recalls the happy moments they shared together but her eyes were focused on the money.

The show has come to an end and Bisola never went empty handed as she came second while Efe went home with the grand prize while became an ambassador for One.Org campaign.

Well, after the show, the contestants all met to greet each other but Bisola was smart enough not to hug TTT after she found out that he was married with kid and that weakened her trust for him which made her avoid hugging him when they were welcome to Nigeria.

Hmm, something sure brought the two back as comedian, Helen Paul meditated on stage for the peace dialogue during the just concluded concert in warri, as they finally hug each other indicating forgiveness.

SOURCE: The Nigerian Voice (entertainment)