Four Reasons Power Supply will Worsen-Group

A group of concerned professionals under the aegis of Energy Watchdog of Nigeria has alerted the nation to imminent worsening of power situation in Nigeria due to internal mismanagement within the nation power sector.

In a petition sent to the Presidency and key federal officials, the group cited four major reasons why power failure may worsen while also identifying what should be done to prevent the impending calamity.

In one of the petitions signed by Dr Patrick Osawaru,the group listed the sidelining of the Minister of Power, Babatunde Fashola in critical decisions affecting the power sector, alerting the nation that the Permanent Secretary of the ministry, Louis Edozien is in fact a�?the minister of power in the current dispensationa��

a�?For those who may not know, Fashola has been edged out and key decisions like appointment and running of key power agencies are done without his knowledge. The situation has led to many negative decisions, which are responsible for frequent system collapse and placement of wrong personnel in critical positions.

a�?The Permanent Secretary has unilaterally appointed an accountant as the chief executive of the Transmission Company of Nigeria without the knowledge of the minister and in direct contravention of extant circulars and public service rules. The appointment is creating ripples as many insiders have noted that Gur Mohammed has no knowledge of TCN and its operations.

a�?Aside the above another reason is that more system collapse may be imminent due to internal mismanagement within the TCN.Nigeria has lost about 600 transformer capacity in the last one year. There is stagnation in transmission capacity at 5000MG despite the fake reports of 7000 wheeling capacity from TCNa�?, the petitioners noted.

a�?A Federal Government circular had clearly stated that parastatals like TCN must be led by a professional electrical engineer in line with statute establishing the company and in line with staff progression within the companya�?, the statement noted.

Another reason cited by the group includes alleged cancellation of second Kaduna-Kano 330kv double circus line, a project designed to enhance power supply to the core north. The petitioner also alleged that many other transmission capacity enhancement projects have been abandoned.

While urging the Presidency to intervene before it is too late, the group affirmed, that a�?transmission capacity of TCN is lower than the official figure, warning that the capacity will even go down again due to staff demoralization and mismanagement within the TCN.

a�?Mr. Fashola has what it takes to get the sector moving but he has been sidelined and the earlier the drift is corrected the better for the politya�?, the group noted.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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