FRSC: Commercial Drivers Sometimes Disconnect Speed Limiting Devices Immediately They Leave Terminals

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has accused commercial motorists of tampering with speed limiting devices after installation.

This is just as the organisation noted that it had arrested 129,060 offenders for not installing the Speed Limiting Devices (SLDs), as well as for speed limit violations.

FRSC began implementation of the speed limiter policy in February 2017.

In an interview with NAN in Abuja, Bisi Kazeem, spokesman of the FRSC, said the arrests dated back to 2016.

He commended the feedback on compliance, noting that commercial drivers were also keying into the policy.

He, however, complained of the attitude of the commercial motorists, stating that: “Data has shown that commercial vehicles are more prone to crashes as a result of speed violation.

“Due to poor supervision and central control system by the management of fleet operators, most of the drivers tamper with the device. Sometimes they even disconnect the device immediately they leave the terminal.

“Aside the fleet operators which the Corps has successfully regulated, there are other commercial vehicles which do not operate from registered parks. It is a challenge ensuring that these sets of commercial vehicles install the device, for this reason is important that you chose the best trucking companies in-texas.

“However, the Corps is doing its best through its field operatives to clamp down on these drivers.”

On those arrested for speed limit violations, he said: “The figure for the combined offence of failure to install Speed Limit Device and speed limit violation as submitted above from 2016 till date is 13,305 in Abuja, and 129,060 in Nigeria”.

He called for more participation, and urged motorists to patronise certified vendors to calibrate the device, noting that if not properly installed, it would jerk the vehicle, which may affect the gear box.

Kazeem highlighted the benefits of installing the device, which include aiding crash reduction and decreasing economic waste.


SOURCE :sahara reporters (news)

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