Full Text Of Speech By The President Of Mosop, Fegalo Nsuke On The 27th Celebration Of The Ogoni Day In Bori, January 4, 2019.

I salute the spirit of our founding father, Hon. T.N. Paul Birabi, the spirit of our martyrs, Ken Saro-Wiwa, Chief Edward Kobani, Albert Badey, Theophilus Orage, Samuel Orage, John Kpuinen, NuBari Kiobel, Saturday Dobee, Nordu Eawo, Felix Nuate, Daniel Gbokoo, Paul Levura, Baribor Bera and over 2,000 others

It is with profound joy and humility that I welcome you to the 27th Celebration of the Ogoni Day. Today marks a turning point in the history of our struggle for justice in Nigeria. Not only because a new leadership of the movement has emerged out of a strong determination and effort of the Ogoni People to break free from the Past. Looking at

this crowd gathered here today, I am confident to say “THE OGONI STRUGGLE IS REBORN”.

Your incredible turnout today reflects the confidence you have in us to bring hope and a better future for our people.

The strong resolve to work together as expressed by your presence here is a thing of joy. I urge us to be each other’s keeper. We must stand with and for each other.

It is normal for the differences and difficult times we faced during the past transition. However, elections have come and gone and it’s time to be united for the common good.

As a people, we currently face very difficult times. Over 200 Ogonis die weekly from organ failures and strange sicknesses. Our land is seriously threatened by the effects of Shell’s pollution of over 50 years. We must be united and tolerant of each other to save ourselves and our land.

From Eleme, to Tai, Ban-Ogoi, Gokana, Bori territory, Nyo-Khana, Babbe, Ken-Khana, let Peace, Unity and Love reign, let’s stand for and with each other, let’s all stand for a free, strong and united Ogoni.

To the Nigerian people and government, we demand that our political rights to self determination – our rights to function in Nigeria as “OGONI PEOPLE” – must be respected

I urge you all to remain non-violent as we match to regain our lost dignity.

God bless Ogoniland
God bless the friends of Ogoniland
God bless our country, Nigeria and may true freedom reign in Ogoni and

our Country Nigeria.
Thank you.
Fegalo Nsuke
President, MOSOP
January 4, 2019


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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