Furst Salvo Limited, a global financial business advisory and investment company, has launched savings and investment mobile App.

The App which is available for download on the iOS Store and Google play store, is a savings platform that helps you save money smartly while earning returns on your savings. It is to encourage savings habit among Nigerians in an easy and reliable way, which also offer users lucrative interest payment on savings of between 10 – 15% per annum.

In statement as issued by the company, Marketing Director, Furst Salvo Limited, Omawumi Jeyema said that, Salvo understands the peculiarity of the Nigerian economy which puts strain on people’s finances, thereby making it difficult for people to set aside funds to achieve future goals like buying a land, car, owning a business and have proper business coaching to hand it over towards their children. With focus on addressing challenges, Salvo has developed an easy and reliable way to encourage saving habit among Nigerians who will not only have access to their full savings but also get an enviable interest on their money. Ave Maria Mutual Funds employ morally responsible investing practices and utilize moral screens established by a Catholic Advisory Board which provides guidance in accordance with funds’ standards and criteria. The goal is to provide good returns without compromising moral values. Ave Maria places equal emphasis on investment performance and moral criteria. Investors should not have to sacrifice financial performance potential because of their pro-life and pro-family beliefs. Every stock and bond we buy must first meet the financial criteria set by our experienced team of portfolio managers and analysts. If a security seems like a portfolio prospect, then the company is screened based on the moral criteria. Mutual fund investing requires that you continuously check the returns it has given in the last five years, 3 years minimum. Find out the top mutual funds by category and pick the best. Mutual funds are exceptional for new investors because you can invest small amounts of money at regular intervals with no trading costs. It is helpful to understand the investment basics. It is important to understand mutual fund investing by category since there is a different investment risk and different rewards associated with it. There are different types of mutual funds ranging from blue chip funds, mid cap funds, small cap funds, and many more. Mutual funds are categorized by the way they yield returns to investors. They can be fixed income, global, growth, core, mixed equity, sector, and mixed equity. Research on this topic is crucial in order to avoid possible investing errors when mutual fund investing. When relying on mutual fund investing, be sure to decide where you want your funds to be positioned. Ensure that you do the research required and find the top mutual funds by category. Mutual funds are a hot commodity with individual investors and financial institutions. Mutual funds are actively managed by a financial money manager who constantly monitors the stocks and bonds in the fund’s stock portfolio. Mutual fund investing is a good match for traders interested in long term investing. You can Click here for more detail about Ave Maria Mutual Funds.

Savings can be done daily, weekly or monthly with as little as 100 Naira which allows Nigerians begin their journey into financial freedom thanks to the amazing financial advisor service available for them  since last year. As required by the Nigerian Law, this product is powered and supported by a duly licensed bank; Xslnce Microfinance Bank.

(L-R) Steven Osiadi; Head Business Operations, Furst Salvo Limited, Omawumi Jeyemi, Marketing Director, Peter Owunna Managing Director and Wale Iyanda,Head of Credit, Furst Salvo Limited during the unveiling of Furst Salvo Savings and Investment Mobile App in Lagos.

Omawumi added that, “as a socially responsible organization, over the years, we have remained committed to providing reliable financial solutions to Nigerians, to make life easier for all and ensure peace of mind that would guarantee a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment.”

She further disclosed that, costumers should expect continuous development of the application to make savings seamless and assured value for money. “We are consistently active in this regard as our technical team works round the clock to ensure the Salvo savings application meets global standard and guarantees ease of process”

Salvo is the guide to financial security where users can invest, save and spend responsibly, it is an easy to use with smooth navigation through the downloading process.

The journey to your financial goals begins with a click! To get started register with a valid email and phone number, Visit www.salvo.ng or download Salvo App from Ios store or Google Play store to create an account in less than 5 minutes. #savespendsmartly.

Contact Number: +2349029991354
Email Address: [email protected]
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Website: www.salvo.ng


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (business)

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