Gbajabiamila Indicted For Stealing Client’s Settlement Money As U.S Records Reveals Age Fabrication

Femi Gbajabiamila, who is contesting for the speaker of the House of representatives was in 2007 indicted on multiple counts of embezzlement and fraud by the Georgia Supreme Court in the United States. Gbaja, accepted $25,000 as settlement of a client’s personal injury claims, deposited the money in his attorney’s trust account in 2003, failed to disburse the funds to the poor client, withdrew those funds for his own personal use, closed down the office and ran away to Nigeria, according to the Supreme court. Explore personal injury process and legal services on a contingency fee basis, meaning there are no upfront or out-of-pocket expenses for you.

According to a personal injury attorney, Gbaja pleaded guilty ann was remorseful for his criminal action and was thus placed on a 36 month suspension after paying back the $25,000 three years after he stole the money. Gbaja offered a feeble and rambling apology that focused more on his own suffering than that of his victim, according to court transcripts, either way, no one will ever want to use his services as there are professionals like the personal injury attorney murrieta ca that actually care about their customers. Now it is very important to search for the most experienced and professional lawyer who through his or her skills will make a strong case. By this the chances of winning a case become evident and you can get exactly the type of compensation you deserve.

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The indictment paints the picture of an individual who began to run afoul with the law over a decade ago,” Lekan Oreofe, a Lagos lawyer said. Independent reports in the U.S also reveals that Femi Gbaja may also have been involved in age fabrication as documents showed that Gbaja reported his date of birth to United States Government sources as March 9, 1962, this is in disagreement with his date of birth of June 25 1962 also listed in his Wikipedia account and other agencies in Nigeria. It’s infinitely entertaining that the media complex is taking anything Gbaja says seriously.

The man was almost disbarred from practicing law in the U.S and SUSPENDED for stealing. Femi Gbaja has no credibility, Oreofe stressed. In a suit filed at the Abuja division of the Federal High Court, one Mr. Philip Undie, is asking the court to restrain the House of Representatives of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Attorney General of the Federation and the All Progressives Congress, who are the first to fourth defendants in the matter, from recognising Gbajabiamila as a member of the House of Representatives and as an aspirant for the office of the Speaker of the House.

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