Group Condemn Allege Endorsement Of Okowa For Second Term

A group known as Concern Citizens of Isoko Nation for Good Governance, has tongue lashed a section of Isoko Development Union (IDU), over purported endorsement of the incumbent governor of Delta state for second term.

The group also whitewashed a segment of monarchs who were engaged in the said endorsement which it condemned in its entirety.

In a press statment Tuesday signed by Hon. Goddy Egwerode, Comrade Joseph Edafe Isoje, Mr Joseph Emofurieta and Barr Sylvester Imonina and made available to newsmen, kicked against the action of IDU and the traditional rulers.

The group opined that their actions contravanes the Constitution of IDU and the customs and tradition of the Isoko people.

Read the full statement below:
Re: Endorsement of governor Ifeanyi Okowa by Isoko Development Union.

We, the undersigned, acting on behalf of ourselves and all members of Concerned Citizens of Isoko Nation for Good Governance, condemn in totality the purported endorsement of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa for the forthcoming governorship election, by a segment of Isoko Development Union and some Traditional Rulers of Isoko extraction. We state unequivocally that the action of IDU and the said Traditional Rulers from Isoko Nation ultra-vires the known Constitution of IDU and/ or the customs and traditions of Isoko people.

For the avoidance of doubt, IDU is an umbrella body of Isoko people whose sole purpose of her existence is to pursue things that are of common interest for the development of all Isoko people/Isoko Nation. In other words, by virtue of the relevant sections and established norms of IDU, the body does not delve or make foray into partisans' politics. That is, IDU and the Traditional Rulers of Isoko Nation play fatherly role to all sons and daughters of Isoko Nation irrespective of political leaning.

Isoko people hold in high esteem their Leaders and Traditional Rulers. An average Isoko man's desire is that the respect accorded his Leaders and Traditional Rulers should and must be reciprocal. That is, the freedom of Association of Isoko people who are apolitical and/ or do not belong to pdp must be respected. In other words, there must not be exercise of authority not back by the Constitution and known norms of IDU by IDU President. On the other hand, the Traditional Institution must not make foray into things that are not back by the custom and traditions of Isoko people.

However, since IDU President General, Iduh Amaidhe and some Traditional Rulers have abandoned their duties, to join partisan politics (PDP), they should be ready to accept whatever that comes out of the political murky water. They should know and they ought to have known that in most cases, Politics goes with many unsavoury things.

While Elder Peter Erebi and other past IDU Presidents held sway, their contentment with what they had, and obedience to the Constitution and established norms of IDU made the body to be immuned from partisan politics. Presently, it beat our imagination that IDU is now being used as a willing tool by a political party (PDP) for selfish interest in Isoko land.

Though, the action of a segment of IDU, led by the President General and some Traditional Rulers did not come as a surprise to discerning minds/majority of Isoko people, Information has it that the President General of IDU is the contractor handling the construction of Ozoro main market, awarded late last year (2018) by Delta State government for political reasons. From available indices, the Presidents' General of some clans have vested interest in the said project and other Delta State government awarded contracts in Isoko land.

Meanwhile, we have it in good authority that some of the Traditional Rulers are on the payroll of some pdp political Appointees from their domain. Information has it that a Traditional Ruler from Isoko North is listed in the payroll of a former Secretary to Delta State government as an aide, instead of the Traditional Ruler recommending one of his subject as an aide to the for Secretary to the State government. This is what greed for material wealth could cause! What a shame!

From available facts and inquiry, the action of a segment of IDU and some Traditional Rulers is a product of personal interest/what could put food on their tables, as against the interest of Isoko Nation.

Due to strange happenings in Isoko land, some of our people say that the gods of Isoko land are angry with these crop of leaders whose interest is being held over and above the interest of the majority. Presently, strange sicknesses and weird things are happening in Isoko land. Who knows where same is coming From!

As a matter of fact, Isoko people of other/different political leanings are not happy with the purported endorsement of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa. The resultant effect of the action of IDU and those Traditional Rulers is a recipe for political and social disturbances in Isoko land. If same happens, IDU and his co-travelers should be held responsible.

In view of the above, we urge IDU and the Traditional Rulers to come out with a clear position, denouncing the ill-fated position (endorsement of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa) earlier taken by them. On the other hand, if IDU fails to do the needful, Isoko Nation should commence impeachment proceeding and/or Pass a Vote of No Confidence on IDU Executive for overstepping Constitutional boundaries.

Hon. Goddy Egwerode.
Comrade Joseph Edafe Isoje.
Mr. Joseph Emofurieta.
Barr. Sylvester Imonina.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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