Group demands probe of Adams Oshiomole

A group known as the Save Edo Group, has demanded for an immediate probe of the eight years tenure of the immediate past Governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshiomole.

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Oshiomhole’s Probe: A Must For Buhari Administration Why Nigerians Must Save Godwin Obaseki And Edo State

Part 1
(1) President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
(2) The President of the Nigerian Senate
(3) Speaker of the House of Reps
(4) National Chairman, All Progressives Congress
(5) National Security Adviser
(6) The National Assembly
(7) The Nigeria Labour Congress
(8) Edo State Governor
(9) Members of Edo State House of Assembly
(10) Members and Leaders of the All Progressives Congress

(11) The General Public
Edo State is gradually sliding into a fiefdom run by the new godfather and his musketeers leaving the newly elected governor, Godwin Obaseki politically helpless. There is no political party or party structure outside Adams Oshiomhole and his handy tools that ran the state government and the state’s All Progressives Congress party as a cartel, without respect to the APC Constitution and Manifestos.

Adams Oshiomhole’s acclaimed achievement is that he liberated Edo from Chief Tony Anenih who was the state’s Godfather. Did he liberate Edo State from Tony Anenih’s grip in his quest for power to become the new godfather? Adams Oshiomhole started well in politics and did well in his first term. In appreciation of this fact, we came all out to support his reelection with all the resources at our disposal. In his second term, rather than focus his energy on developing the State and her people, the Comrade Governor derailed and went with self-praise, propaganda thereby betraying those who stood with him for good governance, in his selfish desire to remain the only shining star, the only saint and godfather in Edo State.

Oshiomhole’s style of politics is repulsive. Oshiomhole has ‘destroyed’ so many Edo people in his quest to seize power in Edo State. He did same with the NLC. He made himself the only voice in the union, caused disorganization to ensure the union was in his control after he left. He is prepared to execute same agenda in Edo State.

For the slogan, ‘NO GODFATHERISM’ AND ‘LET THE PEOPLE LEAD’, we elected Adams but today Edo people are disappointed, believing that Tony Anenih was wrongly accused by Oshiomhole, as Oshiomhole represents everything he has accused Chief Anenih of.

Adams Oshiomhole cannot blackmail Godwin Obaseki or the Presidency. He doesn’t have the effrontery to do so. For Adams Oshiomhole, the APC and President Buhari would not have won the presidential election. Oshiomhole betrayed President Buhari and the APC. Shortly after Muhammadu Buhari was nominated as the APC Presidential Candidate in Lagos in December 2014, Governor Adams Oshiomhole visited then President Goodluck Jonathan, appreciated him for helping to quash his education scandal and struck a deal on how he can help PDP to win Edo State.

For this job, Adams got $54,912,710.80 (Fifty Four Million, Nine Hundred and Twelve Thousand, Seven Hundred and Ten Dollars and Eighty Cents). The legitimate way to release this huge sum of money from the Federal Government Account was to tie it to a project. Through Diezani Alison, the money was released from the Excess Crude Account as “Transfer to Edo State Government and her Local Government Councils contribution to power sector special intervention fund” 31st December, 2014 (See former President Jonathan’s NNPC Handover Note, Page 7). Private meetings between Adams Oshiomhole, Dr. Cairo Ojugo, PDP South South Vice Chairman and Chief Richard Lamai, then Coordinator PDP Reloaded Group facilitated this deal. Any governor of the State after Oshiomhole, would have probed him. Godwin Obaseki as a matter of responsibility and probity should ask the following questions; 1. How was this fund expended? 2. Were the Chairmen of the Local Government Councils privy to the management of the fund? 3. Was Edo State House of Assembly aware of this Fund and did they approve the release? Godwin Obaseki should ask Oshiomhole to give account of how he squandered the State’s resources in total of about 2TRILLION NAIRA.

By refusing to probe the high level of Edo State’s indebtedness and numerous allegations of financial recklessness, looting and corruption leveled against Adams Oshiomhole, Godwin Obaseki has paid too much a price for the support he got from Oshiomhole.

Should Nigerians and the indigenes of the State not question saint Adams Oshiomhole, a governor who spent a whopping sum of 2Billion Naira, Edo State’s money on chartered flights. How much did he hand over to Godwin Obaseki? Adams Oshiomhole must be made to give account of his ‘stewardship’. As loyal members of the APC, the Constitution of the party upholds the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and being a member or a leader of the All Progressives Congress should not guarantee immunity from the anti-corruption war. Nigeria comes first. Both the APC, the PDP, the SDP, Christians or Muslims, must obey the laws governing the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Mr. President, the Legislature, the Judiciary, the Media and the people of Nigeria, let us defend Nigeria by fighting corruption and corrupt public trustees who are the true enemies of Nigeria. The fight against corruption by the Buhari Administration will be meaningful to the Edo people if the likes of ADAMS OSHIOMHOLE and PHILIP SHUAIBU, Edo’s Deputy Governor are investigated and prosecuted.


Source: The Nigerian Voice (local news)