H-Medex Garki Area II is porous

I write with a sense of responsibility as a concerned citizen of Nigeria who has lived in the nation’s capital for over two decades.

The purpose of this letter to you the editor of the widely read and extensively circulated newspaper is to alert the owners of one of the Abuja’s latest state -of -the -art selling outlets located strategically along Gimbiya street in Garki area eleven, incidentally, this was the same street whereby the 7 Apo-traders were massacred by a police team led by an assistant commissioner of police some years back is to raise alarm of urgent national importance on the yawning gap in security around the complex of H-Medix which ranks as the largest pharmaceutical outlets in the nation’s capital patronized by millions of customers in and around the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja.

I must confess that I visited this imposing commercial facilities only a few hours back and immediately noticed with unimaginable anger, trepidation and regret, that someone or a serious minded company can put up such a hugely successful brand and set up such a magnificent and highly decent building facilities housing not less than 50 different shopping outlets, but the environment is not protected from criminals and/or terrorists such as a lone wolf who may decide to terrorize innocent clients and the administrators of these commercial enterprises. The wall scanner or permanent magnet is equipment to seek out studs during a drywall to hold your television, a decoration piece or a clock , you would possibly have bought for your house because hanging something blindly on a drywall isn’t safe which is why you would like an inexpensive wall scanner or if you’re a carpenter, a builder or a plumber then you’ll be buying the wall scanner for your professional use. The market is flooded with tons of sorts starting from the professional-grade high-quality units to the essential and affordable magnetic models so getting the proper one may be a daunting task. Nowadays, wall scanners are equipped with various modern features that make your life easier than ever. So, if you would like to shop for the reasonable one for you then do undergo our detailed review of the foremost popular digital wall scanners of 2019 followed by a comprehensive buying guide which will absolutely assist you to urge the simplest one for you. If you don’t have enough time to read such an extended editorial then you’ll also undergo our top three recommendations which will absolutely catch our attention and won’t waste some time searching the marketplace for the proper options that fit your needs the simplest. Click here to find Best stud finder available online. The first thing you noticed is that every Tom, Dick and Harry can simply gain access into the building without any form of screening with metal detector to ensure that weapons are not smuggled into the facilities which beams with large groups of customers. Secondly, visitors can even park their cars so close to the main structures so much so that any devilish plot to bomb the facilities (God forbid!) may never be stopped except through divine miracles of God. There are no visible barriers to stop cars from being parked next to the building structures housing this successful brand.

Wood- and metal- stud detection

Capacitive sensors in the middle of the scanner detect the location of wood and metal framing components. The wall scanner generates an electric field that can penetrate a wall cavity up to 1-1/2 in. Materials influence this electric field differently based on their dielectric constant. Wood and metal studs have a much higher dielectric constant than the voids of air filling the stud bays and have a greater influence on the electric field. The capacitive sensors analyze this influence in the electric field to determine the presence of a stud in the wall. Simultaneously, an inductive sensor distinguishes wood members from metal components.

Live-wire detection

Circuitry in the top of the unit houses 50/60 Hz. sensors to detect the presence and position of live wires. The sensors act as a receiver, and if they detect a 50/60-Hz. Signal the frequency in which AC current is transmitted from power plants to residences within the wall cavity, the unit flashes and beeps. On this unit, a bar graph on the display screen helps to determine the precise location of the live wire. The number of segments displayed in the bar graph indicates the strength of the AC signal. These sensors are suitable for detecting only 110v to 230v wires, and will not detect non live wires or telephone cables. These sensors can detect live wires at a depth up to 2 in. inside a wall cavity.

Ferrous- and nonferrous- metal distinction

An inductive sensor in the middle of the wall scanner locates and distinguishes nonferrous metal, such as copper supply lines, from ferrous metal, such as older, cast-iron waste lines. The sensor generates a magnetic field, which is boosted in the presence of a ferrous (magnetic) object, or deformed in the presence of a nonferrous (nonmagnetic) metal. The two types of metal are determined by analyzing the degree of deformation between the magnetic fields in what is called the phase shift. Nonferrous metal creates a 90° phase shift, while ferrous metal creates a 0° phase shift. An inductive sensor can detect metal up to a depth of 4-3/4 in. inside a wall cavity.

This letter is to call on the inspector General of police and the owners of the plaza to make hay whilst the sun shines. It is true that terrorists of the boko haram genre have been beaten back from Abuja, but erecting such a big business outfit and exposing your clients to avoidable security risks is the worst crime against humanity if allowed to go on like that. This writer is therefore asking for comprehensive and strategic measures to put up resilient and robust security architecture in place around H-medix pharmacy in Area eleven Garki Abuja,

This is an urgent public interest demand please. Kindly help to publish dear editor because it is said that one does not throw a stone in the market place for fear that it may hit his mother on her head.

*Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko is National Coordinator of HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA) and [email protected] ; [email protected] ; www.thenigerianinsidernews.com .

Disclaimer: “The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of Emmanuel Onwubiko and do not necessarily reflect those of The Nigerian Voice. The Nigerian Voice will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article.”


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)

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