Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill Take Touching Photo With Carrie Fisher's Daughter

The first day of the ‘Star Wars’ celebration was full of amazing surprises.

It is a new classic. 

Thursday noted the start of the Star Wars Celebration in Florida, marking 40 years since A New Hope was released, starting a chain reaction of joy for nerds everywhere (especially at us Heat Vision). 

The first day of the celebration was full of amazing surprises; the two best of which were George Lucas dropping by for a panel and also Harrison Ford, who not only showed in person, but seemed to be enjoying himself. 

The surviving principals from the the original trilogy made an appearance for a great talk, but it was what happened afterward that pulled at the heartstrings. 

George Lucas, Kathleen Kennedy and Billie Lourd all remembered the late Carrie Fisher. A tear-jerking video was shared after they spoke. 

If that wasn’t beautiful enough, hours after the tribute, an amazing photo began to circulate on social media from behind the scenes. 

The image is of Mark Hamill, Ford and Lourd all together, posing at the celebration. The picture could melt the ice planet Hoth. 

SOURCE: Hollywood