Has Madumere Wronged Anyone?

There is an Igbo saying that “Ihe Oma m Egbula m” which means may my good deeds never kill me. This should be the prayers of every patriotic Imolites for Prince Ezeakonobi Madumere, the incumbent Deputy Governor of Imo State.

Some people may have been wondering the reason for this write-up. Yes nothing may be amiss but surely we can no longer pretend that all is well in our dear State following the the recent unfortunate happenings around him.

Just few days ago, I read one e-rats who was sent Madumere’s way attack him. I do not know from which quarters but surely he is from Nkwerre. He used some deriding words like Mrs. Madumere and some other choice of words that sounded juvenile in his inglorious diatribe.

Just last night, we were visited with another bang. This time it was a joke taken beyond the elbow. Life of one of the senior and most reliable aides of the Deputy Governor would have been lost if not for God’s manifold grace and intervention. He was shot at with the window of his car shattered. I am not pointing at anyone yet but this is one aspect of behavioural pattern that is strange in Imo but surely the strange times are here. This aide of Deputy Governor only escaped by the whiskers…

Just about 7 hours ago, another boy from Nkwerre desecrated the Augean Stable by again attacking Prince Ezeakonobi Madumere, saying that he is not qualified to be Imo Governor. I am sure the Deputy Governor has never called him for any talk for Governorship. The rude little boy in question went as far as saying that Madumere could not give party faithful millions of naira some persons in Imo State government could have shared. He even cited example with his kinsman whom for now I will not quickly accuse. He chose to compare the Chief of Staff with the Deputy Governor, which can only come from the empty brain of an ignoramus. Uche Nwosu I know can never insult Madumere whatever may be the case though people change.

The Deputy Governor I know is one man that is content with whatever he has. Unfortunately, this little brat is always seen around government house. My question is he has done it once, twice, the third time, which means he is being sponsored by some “powerful people” in the same government Madumere is the Deputy Governor.

At issue is either Madumere is being attacked by some known elements in the same Government House or his aides are being treated like strangers and more worrisome is the failed effort at the life of some of his aides, a good man for that matter. About two months ago, there was a purported confrontation against one of the kinsmen of the Deputy Governor at Bongo square. For the the quick intervention of patriotic Imolites, no one was sure

Prince Eze Madumere has paid his dues. He contributions to the emergence and progress of Rescue Mission administration, today, cannot be wished away with a mere wave of hand. His sacrifices to ensure that some people are accommodated is well known by those so affected. One thing is sure what will be will be. Prince Madumere is responsible. He is a gentleman who believes in due process, acceptable norms and he is law abiding.

The question, if by this time of the political year, attacks are being reinforced from all corners to the extent of attempt on one’s life, who knows what might happen when the chips are down. It is known that Imo Deputy Governor has not publicly declared what his next move will be politically and yet he is being attacked by the same people he should have gladly and produced say they are ‘ndi nke ya’.

The writer is worried by the unfortunate trend in All Progressives Congress where everyone seems to be at silent war with another. Whatever may be the case, APC remains a family and it is not expected that someone’s life should be suffer away for reasons one cannot properly place.

Let us be wary of who we hire to do our image laundry because some of them are nothing but blood sucking empty brains with sand-sand.

Nwachukwu Confidence writes from Owerri


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)

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