Hollywood Stands With Planned Parenthood's #PinkOut

On Wednesdays, we wear pink.

As you scroll through social media today, you may notice that posts featuring the already ubiquitous “millennial pink” seem to have multiplied. And that’s no coincidence. 

The barrage of pink is part of Planned Parenthood’s #PinkOut movement, which aims to “turn the internet pink” in order to prove to lawmakers just how many citizens stand in support of the organization, which is in danger of being defunded.

“It’s a day to show anti-women’s health politicians that we will fight like hell to protect our 2.5 million patients a year and the 1 in 5 women that will go to Planned Parenthood in her life,” reads a statement on the organization’s website. “It’s a day for people to unite and say: We resist. We are strong. And we’re not backing down — not today, not ever.” 

Like the Pussy Hats, which turned the crowds at the Women’s Marches the world over into a sea of bubble gum pink, the #PinkOut movement wants to provide a visual representation of Planned Parenthood’s vast number of supporters. So far, both Hollywood and the fashion industry have shown their support, with influencers like Emily Ratajkowski, Gabourey Sidibe and Elisabeth Moss using the hashtag.

Supporters are encouraged to turn their profile photos pink and to post photos of themselves wearing the hot hue along with the #PinkOut hashtag and the #IStandWithPP hashtag. And, because this is the Internet, Mean Girls GIFs with the infamous one-liner, “On Wednesdays we wear pink” are highly encouraged, too.