Hushpuppi shows of pack off condom, says “It’s going to be a great weekend”


Hushpuppi isn’t back on Instagram, and we’re wondering why it is taking him so long. Perhaps he is ashamed? after he failed to fulfill his promise of helping out 100 people with educational problem. (read Here)

Puppi is a Malaysian-Based Nigerian big boy, who apparently, went viral after his little exchange of words with Davido. Recall he shaded Davido after spending over 11m in one night at a club.. and Davido responded to him by sharing his 130m Bank statement. They settled and reconciled after the brawl which we’re happy about that.

Since then, apparently, Hushpuppi has been on our radar, and we can’t seem to get off his luxurious lifestyle. He shared series of photos of his expensive shoes on Snapchat before sharing picture of a roll of condom noting that: “Its gonna be a great weekend”

SOURCE: yabaleft