I Advice Ladies To Own "Vibrators" – Toke Makinwa

On Air Personality, Toke Makinwa, has set Twitter ablaze with her advice to ladies to own vibrators, also known as dildo. Everything, from the chair that you are sitting on, to the thoughts that you think, is energy and energy sends out a vibration or frequency particular to it. A vibration is a repeated, rhythmic pattern of movement and is the essence and emanation of all matter, energy and consciousness. Matter is created from this emanation. In other words, energy creates our visible and invisible world. You vibrate. You send out frequencies that reflect what you are feeling and thinking. And you attract that same vibration back at you. It’s pretty powerful stuff, but can it help you control the reality of other people? You can buy vibrator online from Magic Men site. We each send out our vibrations and we immediately, attract those vibrations back to us. That’s when our realities line up and resonate with the attracting vibration. If you become aware of a person, situation, event etc, you’ve drawn them or it, into your reality by matching a vibration that they are exuding. At this time, you are sharing the resonating parts of each other’s realities. You don’t become aware of vibrations that are different then yours. If you are attracting people who cause you grief, this is the Collective Unconscious’ way of showing you something in yourself, that you are sending out that needs to be addressed and most likely, eliminated. Blockages in your chakras present themselves to you in situations that are contrary to what you’d like to be experiencing. Spiritual practices like Ho’oponopono work in removing beliefs that don’t serve you, releasing them so you can change your emotional blueprint and your vibration. If you raise or shift your vibration, the people that were causing you grief, will either change or go away. So it might not be the sexiest name out there, but if the name fits… These vibrators are called eggs because of their shape. They look like eggs and their shape is contoured to perfectly fit a woman, making them heavy duty sex enhancers. And thanks to their egg shape, they really do work! They can be inserted inside, but eggs do their best work as clitoral stimulators. They are small in size, measuring in at about three inches in length, and its compact size makes them great for masturbation alone or as a participant that doesn’t get in the way during sex. Available in all types of colors, materials and textures, there’s an egg out there with your name on it. And there are so many different types of egg vibrators on the market. You can get ones that are controlled using a remote control, put one in your panties to keep it in place, or get a wireless one for those days when you’re on the move. There are even ones that are voice activated – so tell your partner to speak up! Since they are so small and compact, egg vibrators are fairly quiet and produce less noise then their larger vibrator counterparts. This makes them even more attractive to use as a traveling companion. They make more of a hum then a vibrating noise – imagine what that hum will feel like on your most sensitive area. And since they are so small, discreet and quiet, you can wear them under your clothes when you go to work, go shopping, go out for dinner or go to the movies. They may be primary used as clitoral stimulators, but egg vibrators can also me used during erotic foreplay massage. For the maximum amount of pleasure, massage the vagina, the penis, testicles, anus, back, arms, legs, or anywhere that tickles you fancy with your vibrating egg, because those pulsating vibes feel great pretty much anywhere. The egg is great to use during foreplay because it fits so perfectly into the palm of your hand – just cup it into your palm and go places on your partner that need some attention. There’s no right or wrong way to use them. Have fun experimenting, take it to new places and enjoy your new egg vibrator. The majority of adult toy enthusiasts are familiar with having bboutique adult toys that are specifically targeted at the requirements of males such as enlargement pumps, or those for females that include butterfly stims, but there are also a large number of adult sex toys in the marketplace that are intended to be used by partners. Below are a number of the most popular adult toys for couples available.

Makinwa stated this in her Vlog video for on YouTube.

The video was released late on Wednesday.
It was then brought to Twitter in the early hours of Wednesday by some of her followers.

She advised ladies to own three types of vibrators.

Makinwa summed up in the video: “It is okay to know your body.”

This has set Twitter ablaze, becoming one of the trending topics on Thursday.

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SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (entertainment)

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