I don’t Need to Show my Bumbum to Sell my Music…Singer, Aramide

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

One of Nigeria’s top female vocalists, Aramide, has just revealed that unlike some of her colleagues that go about showing off backside on musical videos, she is not part of that area.

She stated that when one has good music, it tends to go far for the person as people will end up recognizing the work done.

To her, she believes in herself and what she is capable of delivering rather than depending on showing off body before she can be recognized.

While speaking on the Teju Babayface show, the singer said, “I don’t have to flaunt my bumbum to sell my music. My music should speak for itself, it is good enough to sell itself so all I just have to do is personify it. She said that those who flaunts their backside in musical videos do that on personal reasons best known to them.”

SOURCE: The Nigerian Voice (entertainment)