“I go 4 rounds every night,” — Man who married two wives same day in Delta says

Man who married two wives

Delta-State viral sensation, Omamuzo Utomajiri from Uro-Irri, Isoko Local Government has declared that he usually go FOUR ROUNDS IN BED.

The 39 year old who went viral after his wedding poster was spotted in Delta traditionally married his two wives on Sunday 26th March, 2017. He says he is very happy over the development saying he has derived more joy, happiness and comfort since the day he presented his wives.

In a new chat with Sunday Telegraph, Omamuzo has revealed he is presently a father of sex adding that by God’s grace he will have more children because age is on his side and the wives are solidly behind him.

He also opened up onn why he decided to marry the two women who have been living with him for years.


When did you marry your two wives traditionally?

We got married traditionally, Sunday, March 26, 2017 at my village, Uro-Irri.

What are your wives’ names?

The senior one is Mrs Janet and the junior one is Osiemu Utomajiri.

Before now how many children do you have?

The senior one has four children while the junior one has two.

Do you hope to have more?

Yes, possibly four more children.

Why did you decide to present them traditionally? I mean what motivated you to formally get married to them this way?

I did it because I just want to know whether they truly love me and to also know if they are happy with themselves.

How was the party? Was there a large turn out?

In fact, when I saw the large turnout of people then I knew the two of them are happy with each other.

Before now, were you living together?

Yes, we have been staying together. The senior one takes care of this place I sell planks while the junior one takes care of where I am selling building materials.

Are they from the same village with you?

No, we are not from the same area. The senior one is from Oweh while the junior one is from Uro-Irri my home town.

You know in Africa, traditionally such women tend to envy each other, so how did they receive your suggestion of getting married to them traditionally?

Truly, I approached the senior one first and she agreed likewise the junior one too. The reason why I married them is to make sure that I am comfortable and I don’t look out again for other women.

Are your parents still alive?

No, Pa. Utomajiri, my elder brother who is like a father to me, consented to the traditional marriage.

Are you the first person to perform this kind of marriage in your place?

For now I am the first person in my village who escorted two wives.

How have you been able to attend to them sexually?

That one no be problem at all. Me I be fire for fire! Truly, NEPA no dey take light for my side. I can meet them twice every night if I want to and the women are ever ready. In fact there is no definite date of meeting any of them. I can visit any of them at any time because they live in the same house with me, though in different flats.

Do you enjoy them?

Why, they enjoy me and I too enjoy them and because of their readiness at all time that is why I decided to marry them. Truly, dem dey satisfy me well well! They make me not to go outside to mess up myself with other women.

How many of your children are in school?

Five of them are in both primary and secondary schools

So how do you cope with their wellbeing?

In this situation there will always be peace if you are not cheating on any of them. You give them their feeding money accurately and when it is due. Even the school fees are no problem at all. Three of them are in secondary school while two are in primary school.

What was the reaction of your friends when you told them about the traditional marriage?

In fact, they were all happy. They called me different names such as, Oza vudu, Opure, Jogodo; Oza mamo etc.

How has it been since last Sunday (March 26) when you presented them traditionally?

I can see that your body and your wives’ skins are shinning; what is the secret? Actually, there is change. You can see that the two women are happy. Remember, there won’t be happiness if you have not paid their bride price but are very happy because I have fulfilled all righteousness.

Which food do you like most?

I love oghwo soup (native soup) and pepper soup, including yam and plantain. This food gives me power to work hard.

Will your community give you a chieftaincy title for achieving this feat?

If I want, they will give me. They call me Otiego noriodo (he who work hard for money will always get it). I also love playing with children, so almost everybody in the community loves me.

What is the source of your happiness?

I derive joy and happiness from the way we are living. We eat from the same pot. There is no discrimination because we love each other and respect each other view. My common advice is that you love both women, always call their attention and tell them what you have in mind. Don’t discriminate between them. There will be problem if you don’t love them equally.

SOURCE: yabaleft