“I know the National anthem. It’s just that I missed it. I was tired” – TBoss reacts to National Anthem Saga

TBoss reacts

TBoss had an Interview with the Pulse Nigeria Team, and she spoke about her controversial National Anthem moment in the Big Brother Naija House.

She also spoke about her outburst after she felt Debie-Rise had put her on the spot by asking her to recite the anthem.

On her outburst
“Like she [Debie-Rise] has said, that house isn’t a normal house. At a point, you could go [crazy]. And this was the one person I could confide in, I drew energy from her own energy.”

“I was upset, I’m not going to lie. Because, I had history with being told off like, ‘what makes you think you’re good enough for this because you’re not Naija. Can you speak pidgin?”

“And I bet you – you heard me speaking pidgin in the house? At my auditions, I couldn’t speak pidgin.

On not being able to recite the anthem
“Now, with the National anthem thing, I do know the National anthem. It’s just that I missed it. I was tired, I was exhausted, I just wanted to go home. I had seen my family and it was like ‘please.’

“I missed it. That was just what happened. I did feel like I was put on the spot because, I kind of signaled her, but, she didn’t get it. She really didn’t get it. It was an honest mistake on her part.”

She stated that she had a conversation with Debie-Rise, and that they are currently cool with each other.

On Wednesday, April 5, 2017, Tboss said she felt humiliated by Debbie-Rise for putting her on the spot during the truth and dare game.

On Thursday, April 6, 2017, TBoss however apologized to Debie-Rise for her outburst, reminding her that she is still her best friend.

SOURCE: yabaleft(entertainment)