I Weeped While my Wife was in Labour Room…Actor, Jokotoye Bigvai

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

Nollywood actor, Jokotoye Bigvai, is still smiling at his baby which he recently welcome and aside thanking God for safe delivery, he has decided to appreciate his wife.

The actor, stated that he never knew how important mothers are until he witnessed his wife, Tokunbo, go through labour in the hospital.

He disclosed how he had watched his wife shout in pains and he could not hold back his tears as two doctors came to pet him while others were busy attending to his wife.

In his words, “Before now, I did argue with friends that fathers are much more important than mothers. Hmmmn, this might be controversial, but i have to tell the whole world how i feel now. Witnessing the birth of my BOWOFOLUWA JASMINE JOKOTOYE changed my mentality towards women, respecting them is a good thing. Well, this is to tell you my wife @adetokunbo_jokotoye that you are the best thing i know now and will know forever by GOD’S grace, I’m grateful to GOD for giving you to me as my needful bone.

“Baby, thanks for carrying her for 9 months, thanks for going through the pains of vomiting at the early stage (i was afraid), you didn’t enjoy ur normal life again because your womb was blessed. So, the D day came and I was beside you in the labor room, I saw all the pains you went through, at a time, 2 Doctors were consoling me because i wouldn’t stop crying for you. I love you baby, thanks for everything and this is to tell every mother out there that i appreciate you, love you all. You will never bury ur child(children) IJN.”


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (entertainment)

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