Ijaw Youths Are Not Lazy: Iyc Replies Presidency

By Ijaw Youth Council (IYC)

The Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Worldwide has joined gluts of youths in the country to condemn in strong terms statement credited to the Nigerian President, Mohammed Buhari, where he had unreservedly described Nigerian youths as Lazy.

In a statement made available to the press and signed by the National Spokesman of IYC, Barr. Henry Iyalla, it states: a�? The National Executives of the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Worldwide watched with rude shock as the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari spoke with confidence and utter disregard for the diverse and many contributions of the Nigerian youth; as he told potential investors in the Commonwealth Business Forum in London that a�?more than 60% of the population is below the age of 30: a lot of them have not been to school and they are claiming that Nigeria has been an oil producing country, therefore they should sit and do nothing and get housing, healthcare and education freea�?, a forum where serious minded individuals had come to know easier ways of doing business between Countries.

Our question is, how has this information helped the cause of Nigeria gaining investors? It is amazing that given an opportunity like this to highlight our inherent economic potentials rather the President choose to put his bad foot forward; this to us connotes that investors should stay away from investing in the Nigerian economy as the youths are only waiting for milk and honey, free health care, free housing and free education; an act of total misrepresentation.

What happened to the over 5000 youths of the thousands that competed and won in the YouWiN connect program who are waiting for the Federal Government to fund their brilliant business plans as promised; the many youths waiting for the commencement of the modular refineries; the thousands who walk the streets daily selling; the millions who engage in small scale businesses all over the world; the many upcoming and reigning young celebrities in the entertainment industry; the millions of youths who study and graduate with brilliant degree results and are still job hunting?

How has this unguided statement given a tap of encouragement to them?

It must be stated unequivocally that Nigerian youths will pull their strength together in 2019 to show who the lazy ones are by voting competent, vibrant and intelligent individuals who will represent our interest, true efforts and giant strides around the world.

We in Council are putting modalities in place to ensure no Ijaw vote goes to any incompetent politician because Ijaw Youths are not lazya�? the statement concludes.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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