‘I’m a required player’: Roo quashes trade chat

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AFL: North Melbourne ruckman Todd Goldstein tells AFL Today that there needs to be more clarity around the third man up rule.

North Melbourne ruck duo Todd Goldstein and Braydon Preuss. Picture: Tim Carrafa

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STAR big man Todd Goldstein has laughed off suggestions he could become ‘trade bait’ for North Melbourne after the recent emergence of fellow ruck Braydon Preuss.

Nick Dal Santo, a former teammate of both Preuss and Goldstein, suggested during the week that Goldstein could be put on the trade table as the Kangaroos look to land a big fish recruit.

Dal Santo’s call comes after the rapid development of Preuss, who spent more time as North’s No. 1 ruck against GWS in Round 3 and almost broke even with Goldstein for hit-outs to advantage against the Bulldogs on Good Friday despite spending less time in the ruck.

Goldstein said Dal Santo, who also recently questioned Andrew Swallow’s place in the Kangaroos’ best 22, seemed like “he’s trying to take all of us down” at the moment — “he seems to have an opinion on everyone”.

But the All-Australian ruckman told Fox Sports News that he sees his future at North Melbourne.

“It’s not something I’ve ever had any conversion with the club about or my manager about,” Goldstein told AFL Today on Saturday.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m a North Melbourne player and will be definitely for at least the next two or three years — that’s what I’m contracted for.

Todd Goldstein and Braydon Preuss are working on their on-field chemistry. Picture: Tim Carrafa

Todd Goldstein and Braydon Preuss are working on their on-field chemistry. Picture: Tim CarrafaSource:News Corp Australia

“Whether the club wants to move me on at the end of the year, that’s up to them. All I’ve been given is assurances that I’m a required player and we’re looking forward to hopefully winning a premiership at some point.”

Goldstein described his on-field chemistry with Preuss as a “work in progress”, but was adamant that the two could play in the same team.

“I’ve always been very consistent in saying I’ll do whatever it takes to help our side win a premiership. I’m very happy to play with Preussy and Preussy’s been a great player for us this first month of the season,” Goldstein said.

“It’s one of those things that’s going to take time for both of us to learn to play together. We’ve only played three games together so far and we’re still learning how to use each other’s strengths and make it work.

“Me and Drew (Petrie) got used to playing together over many, many years and we had quite a good synergy going on near the end. Now Brayden’s in there and we’re both confident in making it work and do everything we can too.”

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