I’m not a Rich Pastor, I Also Need Help…Adeniyi Johnson’s Godmother Reveals

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

Sometimes, some people tend to misuse the little opportunity they get when they meet someone that shows them little kindness and actor, Adeniyi Johnson’s godmother has just fallen victim of such.

The woman of God, Olabiwonninu Olubor, has been giving out prizes to those that won a little competition she shared on her social media page but one of such winners turned out try in scamming her.

To her, there is no harm in helping people but when it turns to fraud them it becomes an issue which ends up affecting the real people that needs this help.

She disclosed that she had once helped someone that won a prize on her page and afterwards, the fellow came begging for money for house rent and school fees.

The pastor stressed that she is also in need of help as she is not rich but only she love to others base on the little she has and support she gets from people.

According to her, “I have often said that I’m not a rich woman of God, even one of my son in high school needs a phone but I’m being generous to people because I am touched by the plight of people in need and I have to live by example that you don’t have to be rich before you can help people. Please, don’t let us misuse this opportunity and don’t come to my page or dm for money to scam me. I am a woman of God that also receives help from those who blesses me after receiving the blessings of God through my prayers. This is reason why I don’t manage my social media accounts by myself. My pages on social media are being managed by my personal assistant. God bless you all the winners of the prize will be announced today by the grace of God.”

Source: The Nigerian Voice (entertainment)