I’m not Who I use to be…Actress, Laide Bakare

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

Nollywood actress, Laide Bakare, has been enjoying the better part of her life with her family and so far she has tried at ensuring her family comes first before job.

She has ensured that she is that supporting wife to her hubby as she also helps in setting things in the house right while hubby is away.

Laide could be said to be an entrepreneur who does not joke with whatever she does. Aside her producing her own movies now, she also own a record label, SIMLINE records, which has about three artistes signed to it.

Well, making herself happy, the actress wants her fans to know that she has been enjoying her life and she is no longer whom she use to be as she is all about looking sexy. “I M NOT WHO I USE TO BE #sexyisthenewstrong.”


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (entertainment)

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