Imperative For Whistle Blowing On Arms

I am in full support for the call by the Deputy Senate President Ike Ekerenmadu, for the present administration to also extend the policy of whistle blowing to arms proliferation in the country so, that the wanton destruction of life and property can be abated. The rate in which arms is being used in the country is so alarming. And the manner in which arms is at the hands of the people normally give rise to the constant killing of innocent souls through communal clash or hersdmen and fulanis clash.

The proliferation of arms across the country is so worrisome, not only to the security organs but even the people of this country. That was why at the slightest provocation, the people resort to the use of arms maiming and killing of innocent souls in the country.

Therefore, the call made by the Deputy Senate President is something so important for this country and would go a long way in commenting genuine efforts towards enhancing stable security to life and property of the people of this country.

There is no point in relegating this call made by the Deputy Senate President as presently the country is face with the daunting problem of armed robbery, kidnapping by some unscrupulous elements, who are using very sophisticated arms in commiting the heinous crime across the land.

We don’t need to over look the call made by this great son of Nigeria, because of the level in which arms are being use against the people of the country. Most of the crimes being committed in this country is hinged solidly because too much arms are in the hand of criminals, who are using it at random to perpetrate the kind of crimes so deadly, that often time, resulted in the death of innocent people in the country.

The resultant effect of too much arms in the country is the unwanted killings of the people taking into cognisance of what happened sometime ago in Southern Kaduna and other towns in the north, south and west in recent times where thousands of people were killed or injured.

It is appropriate for whistle blowing policy on arms to be initiated by the present administration so as to stem the tide of random and unwanton destruction of life and at the same time property. Government at all tier should as a matter of urgency support the policy so that crime can be drastically reduced. The amount of waste in terms of life being lost whenever the communities goes on flame is quite enormous especially in places, that are inherents of different tribes as well as religion.

No doubt, that because of the proliferation of arms in the states at the slightest provocation, reputable people from the state are giving those before him.

Blowing should be based on accuracy if taking what happened in lagos into cognisance with a whistle blower lured the EFCC into taking a wrong decision about the #13billion found in an apartment. The monies belong to National Intelligence Agency for its discreet service, honestly, a mistake has been done by the Efcc in taking what does not belong to them simply because a man intimate them without taking the recourse of allowing the investigation in the first place to revealed what went wrong.

It is so severe and painful to see these days, that people are displaying sophisticated weapons in the land. A lot of hopelessness has crept into the way of unscrupulous elements seeing how they are doing with dangerous new sophisticated weapons. It is therefore imperative for whistle blowing on arms is put in place.

Usman Santuraki
No2 Santuraki Close
Behind Maidamisa Filling Station

Source: The Nigerian Voice (opinions)

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