In Theaters This Weekend: Reviews of 'Guardians 2,' '3 Generations' and More

Also: What THR’s critics are saying about Richard Gere in ‘The Dinner’ and A24’s middle-age marital tale ‘The Lovers.’

Unusual superheroes and a family dealing with a life-changing transformation are among what’s in theaters this weekend in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and 3 Generations. Also hitting theaters is Richard Gere’s drama The Dinner and the middle-age marital comedy The Lovers.

Here’s what The Hollywood Reporter‘s critics are saying about the weekend’s new offerings (as well as which film will likely top the weekend box office).

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper are back as the unusual team of Marvel superheroes traveling the cosmos who this time help Peter Quill (Pratt) with discovering the true identity of his father. THR chief film critic Todd McCarthy writes in his review that the film “plays like a second ride on a roller coaster that was a real kick the first time around but feels very been-there/done-that now.” Read the full review here.

3 Generations

Elle Fanning, Naomi Watts and Susan Sarandon star in The Weinstein Co.’s transgender drama about confronting identity and embracing change. Fanning plays Ray, teenager who wants to start transitioning, but his single mother (Watts) must first get the legal consent of his biological father. At the same time, the situation greatly affects Ray’s lesbian grandmother Dolly (Sarandon). The MPAA decided to assign the film an R rating, but after making cuts, it will now receive a PG-13 rating.

The Dinner

Two couples are in for one tense night while dining at a swanky restaurant, revealing more about each other than they ever knew. In The Dinner, Richard Gere, Laura Linney and Steve Coogan star in the drama about a popular congressman and his wife who have dinner with his estranged younger brother and wife in an effort to figure out how they will handle their teenage sons who have committed a shocking crime together. THR critic Boyd van Hoeij writes in his review that the bottom line of the film is that “too many subplots crowd out the meaty main course.” He adds that the cast “tears into the juicy material with relish for the most part, but by trying to keep the prolonged sit-down affair from becoming excessively stagey, [Writer-director Oren] Moverman adds too many distracting flashbacks to maintain the original’s hard-hitting and well-aimed gut punch.”

The Lovers

Debra Winger and Tracy Letts take a funny look at love by starring as a married couple who are both having affairs, but just as they are calling their marriage quits, they spark an interest in each other once again. THR critic John DeFore writes in his review, “Smart, unpredictable performances by Debra Winger and Tracy Letts and an uncommonly crucial score by Mandy Hoffman ensure that the picture’s odd nature won’t be misconstrued as indecisiveness; though commercial appeal is limited, older moviegoers should respond particularly well at art houses.” Read the full review here.

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