In Theaters This Weekend: Reviews of 'Wonder Woman,' 'Captain Underpants' and More

In Theaters This Weekend: Reviews of ‘Wonder Woman,’ ‘Captain Underpants’ and More

In Theaters This Weekend: Reviews of ‘Wonder Woman,’ ‘Captain Underpants’ and More

Read what THR’s critics are saying about the Zoe Lister-Jones’ comedy ‘Band Aid’ and Zoe Kravitz and Emile Hirsch in the love story ‘Vincent N Roxxy.’

Two very different heroes are hitting theaters this weekend with the arrivals of Wonder Woman and Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie. Also releasing this weekend are the flicks Band Aid, Dean, Wesley Snipes in The Recall and Vincent N Roxxy.

Read on to find out what The Hollywood Reporter‘s critics are saying about the weekend’s new offerings (as well as which film will likely top the weekend box office).

Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot stars as the Amazonian princess with Chris Pine by her side as Steve Trevor in the biggest female-centered comic book movie to date, directed by Patty Jenkins. The DC comics film follows the warrior as she learns her true destiny when she leaves her home and enters “Man’s World” where she strives to bring peace amidst World War I. THR critic Sheri Linden writes in her review that the film will “conquer the hearts” of eager fans across the globe. She adds that the film could have been “leaner and meaner,” but “with its direct and relatively uncluttered trajectory, offers a welcome change of pace from a superhero realm that’s often overloaded with interconnections and cross-references.” Read the full review here.

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

This comic book hero prefers to face his enemies in briefs and a cape, singing “tra-la-la.” Kevin Hart, Ed Helms, Thomas Middleditch and Jordan Peele lend their voices to DreamWorks Animation’s flick – based on Dav Pilkey’s bestelling children’s series – which follows two prankster fourth-graders (Hart, Middleditch) who get caught by the school principal (Nick Kroll), but hypnotize him to believe he is Captain Underpants, a comic book hero that they created from their imagination. Captain Underpants has his work cut out for him when he must defeat Professor Poopypants (Helms), a incoming professor to the school with an evil agenda. THR critic Michael Rechtshaffen writes in his review that the film’s end result is “admittedly less painful than a wedgie.” He adds, “in the absence of a sturdier storyline and more dimensional characters, the manic, rapid-fire delivery, while yielding some well-deserved laughs, proves more exhausting than inspired.” Read the full review here.

Band Aid

A married couple (Zoe Lister-Jones, Adam Pally) can’t seem to stop arguing and getting high. Now, the two attempt to patch up their relationship with the help of a therapist in a raw, yet funny look at modern love. As they remember their love for music, they create a rock band and turn their pain into songs with cameos by Fred Armisen (as the band’s drummer) and Colin Hanks (an Uber customer) along the way. Linden writes in her review that the film, also helmed by Lister-Jones, will attract indie-friendly audiences as “an exuberantly low-key charmer that uses a light, wry touch to tackle such weighty matters as artistic drive and inertia and the male-female divide, while offering new fuel for drummer jokes.”


The stages of facing grief and moving on are unraveled by comedian Demetri Martin who writes, directs and stars in the dramedy as a cartoonist named Dean who is shaken by his mother’s recent death to the point that he can’t seem to leave the Grim Reaper out of his work. Dean and his father, played by Kevin Kline, eventually set out on their own paths to cope with the pain. THR critic John DeFore writes that the journey is less of a downer than it sounds and shows promise for Martin’s future work: “If grief dramedies are as much a rite of passage as romantic rebounds, it’s exciting to imagine what Martin’s next step as a filmmaker will look like.” Read the full review here.

The Recall

Wesley Snipes stars in the sci-fi thriller about friends whose vacation at a remote cabin lake house is cut short when aliens attack Earth. Snipes announced at CinemaCon that the film is being released in tri-screen, panoramic Barco Escape theaters and will be “Blade on steroids.” According to Barco, 36 theaters are installed worldwide.

Vincent N Roxxy

Romance meets crime as Zoe Kravitz and Emile Hirsch play a rebel and a small-town loner on the run after a violent incident brings them together but also causes a tragic ending. DeFore describes the film, which screened at Tribeca, as a “slow-build love story that takes a hard left turn at the end.”  He adds: “Emile Hirsch and Zoe Kravitz, as strangers thrown together by a violent incident,enjoy an easy chemistry here, encouraging viewers to forget the menace that starts the story and, with startling violence, will end it.”


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