Hello Nigerians!

As another election year approaches with over 50 political parties on the queue to slug it out with the ruling APC, there is a compelling need to focus on key areas we have got it wrong in the 58 years since Independence that has plunged us into this deplorable state and to suggest a positive way forward. It is disgraceful that in spite of our numerous human and natural resources, we still grapple gigantically in the dark with an unending list of leaders who regulate the affairs of the nation that has kept us moving in circles.


The effect of this national failure is that, while other countries gallop ahead in the long race to economic growth and development, which positively affects the lives of the citizens. Nigeria is sadly crawling behind. As at today, there is nothing to suggest that Nigeria is on the path to recovery or towards any significant economic and social advancement.


And for this country to develop, there must be an alliance of young men and women of ideas, purpose and drive that will sit down to suggest the appropriate modalities for the people, ready to put realistic policies in place especially in the way they should be ruled. These young minds would have detailed program of actions and must have a philosophy of life that would help create principled policies and programs. 


"The New Epoch Youths Empowerment Foundation" (TNEYEF); the convener of Political Revolution Nigeria Movement stand to revolutionize and cleanse Nigeria's Political space through massive youth referendum. We are here to promote youth inclusion agenda in public policy development. Attention must thus, be focused on key areas such as institutionalized policies on Health care, Educational system, Power and Security of lives and Properties.


As the future of this great nation, we are greatly responsible to guide people in the right direction and inspire them to also believe in our belief. What we need in Nigeria is not only a wide pool of willing and brave young men and women who are ready to rescue the nation from the hands of the present crop of corrupt and clueless leaders but unconventional youths who are tactful, free-spirited, radical and ready to challenge the status quo.


This is a clarion call urging the Nigerian youths to question everything, to be involved in and to challenge the norm of the present political formation that is yet to propel us into the Nigeria of our dream.

Happy 58th Independence, Nigeria! God bless Nigeria!

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete" ~~ Buckminster Fuller.


National coordinator


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)


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