is Consciousness Beyound Death? Part 1

“I have never failed to read your thoughtful and insightful research and articles in the newspapers. However I want you to react to the news going around in Aba, Abia state about a man who had just disappeared into the air because a man who knew him many years ago as a dead man saw him again at Aba where he now runs a restaurant, had even married and had kids. Why did the man remain with his physical body instead of disappearing into parallel world as you posited? Secondly can this story be true… The address of the place is folks road by ije avenue Aba, the restaurant doors are still left open.” Chief Barr. B. Ezenwoye 0813422529. (This was one of the questions I received some time ago following my articles in the sun newspaper).

As a philosopher I am interested in seeing things explained rather than believe just for believing sake. The journey of life cannot be understood by reading unauthentic books. As is often seen today in our society that those who negates reading authentic books, no matter their social, economic and religious status, have always suffered from academic malnutrition, stagnation and spiritual atrophy; they are the ones that make the creator weep.

The Reformer is at the moment writing like a true philosopher, a citizen of the cosmic mind whose faith in Christ Jesus not withstanding is firmly rooted in the interplanetary savior of man (Christ). May I not be judged therefore like an infidel who does not know the end and purpose of existence. I’m a Christian and a true worshipper of God, at the same time; I prefer things that are explained than shouting and praising God in error. For all I know, we are presently living in the vast ocean of forever and nothing is ordinary. We are living in a moment point that is the future and at the same time, in a moment past that represents eternity. As a result of the moment past and present, even the most ordinary things are not ordinary in view of the fact that they are most complicated to be understood. The most difficult thing to understand is why anything must be understood.

The text message as indicated above reflects the reality of consciousness, the mystery of life and the explanation of the great life. No one wants to die but in the end someone must die. A situation that made Epicurus to conclude, “The fool, with all his other faults, has this also, he is always getting ready to live”. As you read this article, close your eyes and you are blind. Close your mind and eyes and you are a beast. When you close both your mind and eyes, you become a blind human beast. May you not understand this article like a blind man, may you not again understand same like a blind human beast because understanding is the messenger of the slave which pulses at the point of the ultimate separation and not of the small deaths which we daily experience.

I shall run this article in parts, so do not expect me to join all the information together in this first part, be patient with me as we journey together into the abode of mysteries to exhume the unexplained and make same known to you with unbiased mind. For your information each and every one of us is alive in the midst of small deaths. Portions of our own image crumble away moment by moment and are replaced but we ignore this form of death from time to time. So we are to some extent alive in the midst of the death of ourselves. If the cells did not die and were not replenished, the physical image would not continue to exist, so now, our consciousness flickers about our-changing corporeal image.

Life is a state of becoming and death is a part of this process of becoming. You are alive now, because your consciousness ‘is knowing itself’, sparkling with cognition amid a debris of death and dying cells. Yes, you are alive while the atoms and molecules of your body die and are reborn. No wonder Socrates said that, “Among all men living, none has ever seen a man” For John Milton, “Death is the golden key of eternity. While the Koran concludes, “Wheresoever ye be, death will overtake you, although ye be in lofty towers”. “Death has a thousand doors to let out life (according to Prof. Philip messenger), I shall find one”.

There is what we call an underside of consciousness. Now in the same way atoms and molecules exists so that they are “dead” or inactive within our systems, then alive or active, but you cannot perceive the instant in which they do not exist. Since our bodies and our physical universe are composed of atoms and molecules, then I am saying from a higher perspective that the entire structure exists in the same manner. It flickers off and on, in other words, and in a certain rhythm, as, say, the rhythm of breath. This to some people may be a new discovery but is a known esoteric biological fact. There are overall rhythms, and within them infinity of individual variations almost like cosmic metabolism. In these terms, what we call death is simply the insertion of a longer duration of this pulsation of which you are aware, a long pause in that other dimension, so to speak.

The death of the physical tissue, is merely a part of the process of life as we know it here which in turn becomes a process of ultimate becoming and from those tissues, as we know, new life will spring. Note: human consciousness is not dependent upon the tissues and yet there is no physical matter that is not brought into being by some portion of consciousness. For instance, when ones individual consciousness has left the body then the simple consciousness of atoms and molecules remain, and are not annihilated.

In the words of D.H Lawrence, “The dead don’t die. They look on and help”. In Christianity we say the saints do not die, they fall asleep. Death is the crown of life. Were death denied, poor man would be wise to die. Dear reader, a little humour here will ease you the tension and stress of digging deep into mysteries-take it! Alexander the Great, seeing Diogenes looking attentively at a parcel of human bone, asked the philosopher what he was looking for. That which I cannot find,” was the reply, “the difference between your father’s bones and those of his slaves”. Man must maintain justice and cosmic brotherhood in existence because the you today was not the you yesterday and the you in the future must not be the you now.

All through our life time, portions of our bodies die and the one we have now does not contain one particle of physical matter that it had, about twenty years ago. Consider yourself about twenty years ago you will discover that the body you had then is dead. Yet obviously you do not feel that you are dead and you are reading this with the eyes that are composed of completely new matter. The pupils, the “identical” pupils that you have now did not exist twenty or ten years ago and yet there seems to be no great gap in our vision.

That which happens to an individual after death solely depends on the experience that consciousness undergoes. The ideas that an individual has involving the nature of reality will strongly colour his experiences, for he will interpret them in the light of his beliefs, even as we now interpret daily life according to our ideas of what is possible or not possible. Ones consciousness may withdraw from one’s body slowly or quickly, according to many variables. For life is both what we think and that which we think not! Consciousness is in like manner. The great beyond is also same.

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SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)

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