Isolation Without Girl-friend, Alcohol, Cigar, Coffee Or Tea Deadly

What is life in your fifties to eighties if you are left in physical isolation from your family, even in the same house? Life without either your girlfriend, chocolates, alcohol, cigar, coffee or tea in moderation will be miserable. Those with preexisting conditions like diabetes, hypertension, asthma, emphysema, lupus etc. already know their limits and must stick to usual practice. But they also deserve their own indulgence while observing physical distancing. But for the healthy routine everyone should try matcha green tea, matcha powder green tea powder was first introduced into Japanese culture by Zen Buddhist monks through the development of the chanoyu – the tea ceremony. Long before, though, the Chinese knew that matcha tea was good for you. Modern science now knows exactly how and why matcha powder tea powder is so helpful to our health and you can Buy Matcha Powder Here.

Warning: there are some vices that are not illegal but may be frowned upon by relatives and friends in normal climes. As this lockdown persists, isolation and boredom can cause deterioration of Mental health regardless of age. Nothing makes an old man happier than their close friends since the children get older and start their own families. Mothers are closer because children need them to babysit grandkids, as better company and listeners than fathers.

It is an established fact that more men die of Covid-19 than women. Most young people are very kind, once they see a man or woman above the age of 50 years, they keep their distance so that they do not infect susceptible ones with covid-19 in case they are inadvertent carriers but maybe asymptomatic. Others run when they see foreigners or refuse to get close to those coming from overseas, including friends and relatives,

Nevertheless, covid-19 has complicated relationships we take for granted. There are fear, physical and mental threats to the normal way of life. One of our indulgences, if it does not jeopardize health, may not be as bad as the threats of anxiety, depression, suicides and hopelessness.

Well there is a difference between Physical and Social distancing. We can still stay in touch and reach out to one another through social media. We are allowed to exercise in the Park or go for a walk to stay in shape in order to boost and keep up the immune system while keeping physical distance.

Relationships, exercise, tea or coffee is a regular part of life for most people. They are legal stimulants as good as vitamins like the rush for vitamins C and D. No wonder restaurants are open for takeouts. But lovers are difficult to let go.

Unfortunately, most Mama-Put-E do not deliver. They have to adapt or go out of business. Delicacies like Jollof rice, Ewa Agoyi, Cha-ka-laka, Isiewu and Akara must be part of the indulgence. Some may call them comfort treats needed as cushions, at least one of which most of us get indulged in. Otherwise you are not human as an uncle once said.

In places where people are forced to stay home; grocery stores, alcohol, cigarettes, tea and coffee shops are allowed to open.

All doctors that told an old smoker to stop smoking are dead. Authorities must have realized that man cannot “love” by bread alone. There are other activities that must keep our spirit high.

So, this older guy observes all protocols. He also has a young girlfriend that loves him very much. This isolation from everyone including his family has brought them even closer than ever. He does not have to worry since both tested negative for covid-19 as a condition for continuing their relationship.

The worst situation one can find himself is to die in isolation from your family that cannot bury you if you were infected with covid-19. It is far better to die on top of the lady you love with heart attack than to be discovered dead in isolation by your family. The choice is yours and nobody to blame. Tell Baba God how you came.

Even young people ranging with sexual testosterone, estrogen and progesterone do one thing most people have engaged in at some point but no one would admit it. A young man once confessed that he had five girlfriends: Aisha, Amahle, Ajua, Ngozi and Iyabo on his left hand. More importantly, it prevents abuse and sexual crimes during physical distancing and isolation within relatives.

The days of calling others broke ass guys are on suspension. The market for the choice of only loaded guys is dry. Smart Ladies are better off grabbing the good characters that are available. Miscommunications leading to sexual abuse and physical distancing have put a damper on social dating market.

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SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)

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