Jama��atu Taa��awunil Muslimeen Sensitizes Youths on Danger of Drug Abuse, Cultism

A foremost Muslim group based in Iwo, Osun State, Jama��atu Taa��awunil Muslimeen has organised a sensitization programme for youths in the state on the dangerous consequences of drug abuse, cultism and hooliganism.

The Head of the Unit, Drug Demand Reduction of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Osun State Command, Dr. Funmi Ofoha while delivering a lecture during the sensitization programmed held at the Iwo City Hall charged youths in the country to shun drug abuse, cultism and hooliganism and strive to be good and responsible citizens.

The NDLEA officer enumerated the consequences of drug abuse, cultism and hooliganism and warned Nigerian youths to stay away from any tendency that could predispose them to danger and ruin their future.

Dr. Funmi commended the Jama��atu Taa��awunil Muslimeen under the leadership of Dr Shafia��i Abdul-Azeez Bello for organising the sensitization programme and assured the group of continuous supports from the NDLEA.

Another Guest Speaker at the sensitization programme, Dr Abdulrasheed Abduljabbar Buwaib spoke on remedies for the victims of drug abuse. He said there is hope for them to live a better life if they could shun hard drugs.

The Oluwo of Iwoland, Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi also gave the leader of Jama��atu Taa��awunil Muslimeen, Dr Shafia��i Abdul-Azeez Bello a pat on the back for organising the programme.

Oluwo also declared full supports for the Dr Shafia��i Abdul-Azeez Bello led Jama��atu Taa��awunil Muslimeen and assured that he would not hesitate to partake in the programmes of the group particularly on youth development which is his focus.

Speaking on the occasion, the National President of Jama��atu Taa��awunil Muslimeen, Dr Shafia��i Abdul-Azeez Bello said experiences have shown that the society is in serious danger due to incessant attacks on innocent people by cultists, particularly in the higher institutions of learning.

According to him, a�?Emergence of thugs and hooligans sporadically increases in our society on the platform of drug abuse. The actors of this phenomenon are majorly youth who should be the leaders of tomorrow.a�?

a�?Hardly one would go on a street without seeing an insane youth who is a victim of drug abuse. The tentacle of this problem has even spread to secondary schools which call for urgent attention of the stakeholders in education and society at large.a�?

a�?Moreover, some youth find themselves in this problem ignorantly but find it difficult to go out of it. We believe some youth involve in cultism, hooliganism and drug abuse because they think it is a shortcut to live on top of the world and command compelling respect in the society, but definitely no.a�?

a�?We, Jamaa��atu Taa��awunil Muslimeen, organise this orientation programme to let the youth know their values, potentials and what they should deliver to the society because they are the spinal cord of the nation. Therefore, this spinal should not be broken.a�?

a�?Most of the victims of these menace are jobless, not educated and lack professional counselling with paucity of positive focus. Therefore, we cannot blame or condemn them in totality. The stakeholders including the parents and our leaders must act now and curtail this problem.a�?

a�?We need to build a crimeless society, which is possible when all these are objectively addressed. It is our philosophy that resounding success of every society resides in responsible and productive youth. We need to take care of youth, guide them to right direction with empowerment.

The Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon Him) Said: a�?Surely the most beloved of the creations to Allah, the Noble and Grand, is the Youth who is young in age and who is a very handsome/beautiful individual however he places his youth and his beauty in Allah alone. This is the thing for which the Most Merciful (Allah Rahman) boasts to his Angels about and says, a�?This is truly my servant.a�?

Dr Shafia��i Abdul-Azeez Bello said the youth would be useful for the society if they turned their backs to all vices. a�?It is when our youth shun cultism, hooliganism and drug abuse, and give priority to sound education, productive jobs and hard work with Godliness that we can witness unprecedented development in our society. To achieve this, is our collective responsibility, he said.

The National President of Jama��atu Taa��awunil Muslimeen commended the Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi for championing the war against social vices in Iwoland and preaching peace across the country.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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