Josh Gad Changes 'Beauty and the Beast' Lyrics to Roast James Corden

“How dare you tell me that I bore my viewers? In YouTube views I’ve got the most!”

James Corden was annoyed, to say the least.

During his traditional first act setup of Wednesday night’s The Late Late Show where he visits his guests in their green rooms, Beauty and the Beast star Josh Gad was nowhere to be found.

“I know what’s going on,” said Corden. “Do you remember last time Josh was in the show he hid himself in the audience because he tried to sing his way into the monologue?”

Gad, of course, had done just that, posting up in the middle of the studio audience and revealing to the host that after two years of appearing on the show, “I decided it’s finally time for me to join you as co-host of The Late Late Show!,” he said to Corden’s consternation. “James, your jokes, they’re a little tired/ Monologues really ain’t your niche,” Gad crooned to the tune of the movie’s opener “Belle.”

Corden had his own scalding Broadway-ready response as the two went back and forth to “Gaston” about which one of them is the absolute worst at hosting. They eventually tag-team for an elaborate peace treaty to the strains of “Be My Guest.”

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