Judith Audu Advises: Dona��t Waste Time Hating on Someonea��s Success

Actress, Judith Audu, was recently seen in the London Film Academy, and she could not hide her joy as she advises people to stop hating on other peoplea��s success.

Following the many battles and obstacles on the way of success, she is very grateful to God for not bringing her this far to count bridges and also, it is not a mistake that she is where she is, especially in the film school to learn more about Directing.

She went on to say, no matter what you are going through, never stop moving, remain focus, keep believing, keep your dream alive and dona��t give up.

In her words. a�?G.R.A.T.E.F.U.L.H.E.A.R.T…G.R.A.C.E…One day i will tell y’all my story but i bet y’all wouldn’t believe a word i say …I think God thinks am Badass so i believe i am, considering how long i have spent on Earth and am still alive … been a tough ass journey… how i keep standing, i have no clue…how i keep moving, i have no clue…how AWESOME things keep happening to me, i have no clue…been Crazy, so many battles to fight.

So many storms and obstacles, so many unexplainable hindrances, uncountable reasons to stop moving but STILL I RISE…God keeps coming through and proving, he didn’t bring me this far to count bridges and its not a mistake i am where i am…I woke up and thought of myself and everything happening and i said who will believe me when i tell them how i got here…Nobody… Na God dey pursue fly from Cow wey no get tail body o i swear…

I didn’t ever see this coming but someone believed i deserved it and here i am…in Film School to learn more about #Directing …Hey J…I see you, i love you and am super PROUD of you ?Y???Y???Y???Y???Y???Y???Y???Y??…. No matter what you are going through my friend, never stop moving, remain Focused, keep believing, keep your dream alive, you never know who is watching and where help will come from, Please don’t give up, don’t waste time hating on someone’s success, you have no clue, the sleepless nights and how hard they worked their asses off to get there…Be focused, face your lane and trust the process… My London family am in your town oa�?.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (entertainment)

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