Kaduna farmers shun fertilisers, use refuse heaps for manure

A farmer carries a bunch of cassava roots in Nigeria

The farmers’ resolve to use organic waste, gathered from refuse dumps, for their farming has resulted in a cleaner environment.

Malam Ibrahim Mohammed, a Zaria-based farmer, said that the practice had also reduced the burden of routine refuse evacuation on the government.

He recalled that in the past, the state and local governments used to engage contractors to clear or evacuate waste from refuse dumps.

“However, people have now resorted to collecting the waste and transferring it to their farmlands, with a view to using it as compost.

“Young children in Zaria city now have jobs because they sell a cement bag size of refuse for between N20 and N25; this is another way of generating employment.

“If you go to Kwarin Dangoma at Tudun Jukun, Zaria, you can see even older persons and men who are involved in the business so as to eke a living,’’ he said.

Another farmer in the area, Malam Musa Dogara, appealed to the government to promote the use of manure in farming so as to reduce the people’s over-reliance on conventional fertilisers.

He said that manure enriched farmlands in a better that inorganic fertiliser that could even reduce soil fertility over time.

“If a farmer is not lazy, he can transport refuse, as much as he can, to his farm during the dry season for use as manure in the rainy season.

“A farmer needs little or no application of conventional fertilisers to complement the use of manure to enable him to have high yield,’’ he said.

Dogara, however, called on the government to intervene and modernise the manure collection, preparation and distribution system so as to boost agricultural productivity and create job opportunities.

“If the government comes in and modernise the system, it will not only boost agricultural productivity but it will also create job opportunities.

“This will also enable farmers to cultivate their farmlands very early since they don’t need to wait for the supply of conventional fertilisers,’’ he said.

Malam Mutawakkilu Rafinyashi, a peasant farmer, however, also appealed to the government to spearhead efforts to encourage and mobilise farmers to replace conventional fertilisers with organic fertiliser.

Malam Maiwada Karaukarau, another peasant farmer in Karaukarau village, Giwa Local Government Area, said that late supply of conventional fertiliser could have negative consequences on the economy.

He, therefore, appealed to the Federal Government and Kaduna State Government to look into ways of addressing problems relating to late fertiliser supplies.


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