Kogi/Bayelsa Governorship Elections: Protesters Besiege INEC Office

Protesters, under the aegis of Free Nigeria Movement, Coalition in Defence of Nigerian Democracy and Constitution, and Concerned Nigerians on Friday staged a protest to demand transparency and credibility in the forthcoming Kogi and Bayelsa gubernatorial elections. 

Protesting at the headquarters of the Independent National Electoral Commission, the coalition urged INEC to act upon recommendations by local and international observers regarding flaws noticed in the 2019 general elections.

Speaking on behalf of the coalition, Raphael Adebayo said, “We have read multiple media reports on your concern that thugs have been heavily mobilized to disrupt the forthcoming Kogi and Bayelsa states governorship elections. While we commend the honesty of the commission in its risk assessment report on the forthcoming elections, we must strongly urge the commission to be firm and unbiased in dealing with any form of electoral misconduct or violence by any of the political parties during the forthcoming elections.”  

Adebayo, however, urged INEC to cancel the ballot at the polling unit where violence was recorded. 

He added that this would serve as a deterrent to politicians and political parties bent on using violence to undermine elections and subvert the will of the people. 


SOURCE :sahara reporters (news)

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