Lagos Police Dismissed Over 15 Officers In 5 Months, Lagos Deputy Police PRO Reveals

Lagos State Deputy Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Iheanacho Ifeanyi Omuta has revealed that the state police have in the space of five months dismissed over 15 officers who have been found guilty of fraudulent and unlawful activities.

Mr. Ifeanyi, speaking at an event, Initiative for Conciliation and Right Protection, that held in Lagos, also revealed that some other erring officers have either have their rank reduced while some have been suspended for their participation in illegal actions.

He said, a�?We also have a system where we monitor what our police officers are doing on the streets. Between September 2017 and January 2018, the Lagos State Police Command has dismissed more than 15 erring officers and have suspended reduced or removed the ranks of several other officers that have engaged in fraudulent or illegal activities.a�?

The Deputy PRO also stated that the police is evolving and some of the new policies being taken is not to protect any officer caught involving in any heinous acts. He called on the people to report any officer who is caught partaking in illegal activities.

a�?I am saying this because it has come to a point where we have to be accountable for our reactions. We are not covering up anybody activities. We are also saying the people should tell us what is happening,a�? he expressed. 

Ifeany further mentioned that the police is doing its best to regain the trust Nigerians once have in it. He also revealed that the police is working on improving the quality of service and protection being delivered to the people stating that the force wants the police and the image of the police to change.

He said that is important because this is a time where the country and the people are developing.


SOURCE :sahara reporters (news)

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