Lai Mohammed Reveals Greatest Legacy Of Buhari’s Government


BEVERLY HILLS, May 10, (THEWILL) – The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, on Tuesday identified the “Change Begins with Me” campaign as the greatest legacy of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration.

He then expressed delight that students were prepared to partner with government to take the campaign to schools, assuring that the Buhari administration will execute changes in the economy in a manner previous governments never did.

The minister, who spoke in Abuja while receiving the leadership of the National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, who paid him a courtesy visit, stated that the federal government is delivering on its election promises and that only “a few vocal minority are not seeing what the government is doing”.

His words, “The administration is on course in the delivery of the three major electoral promises it made before coming to power to fight corruption, fight insecurity and fix the economy.

“For many decades we have discovered oil, the country has failed to develop other areas to diversify the economy.

“We came in and we said we are going to do what no government has ever done before and ensure that never again will Nigeria be held hostage by crude oil.

“We are working to develop other sectors of the economy like agriculture, manufacturing, mining and the creative industry so that even if oil falls to as low as 10 dollars a barrel, it will not affect us.

“We are also investing in infrastructure to create the foundation for sustainable economic growth.”

As regards the fight against Boko Haram, Mohammed said the government deserved credit for securing the release of some Chibok school girls, adding that it will not rest till the remaining girls in captivity regain freedom.

He also maintained that the government was not selective in its fight against corruption.

“We have not been selective in the fight against corruption and that is why we introduced the whistle blowing policy and I am glad to hear that the students are prepared to work with us not just to blow whistle but to blow trumpet.

“Our success in fighting insecurity is there for everybody to see. It is not just fighting insecurity but consistently restoring peace to every part of Nigeria.

“In our approach, we are not interested in vilifying anybody but more interested in letting people know how much we are suffering as a result of corruption perpetrated by only a few opportunists.

“If the looted moneys were invested and utilised, today we are going to have railway, our power will not be epileptic, our roads will be better and we will not have highest number of mortality,” he said.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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