Lake Chad Basin Governors Forum Adopts Multidimensional Approach To Security Challenges in Region

By Ahmed Abu, The Nigerian Voice, Maiduguri

Lake Chad Basin Governors Forum (LCBGF) for Regional Cooperation on Stabilization, Peace Building and Sustainable Development which was formally launched by Governor of Adamawa State, Senator Mohammed Umar Jibrilla on May 7th 2018 on behalf of the Governors of the Lake Chad Basin region affected by the boko Haram insurgency rose from its inaugural meeting Wednesday in Maiduguri pointing out in a joint communiqué issued by the governors, UN representatives, international community, humanitarian and development partners that the forum recognized the extensive efforts that have already gone into addressing the crisis in the lake chad basin by the respective national governments, multilateral institutions and local communities

The forum specifucally acknowledged the UN Security Council Resolution 2349 (2017) on boko Haram and lake chad as well as the call to take further measures to address the social, economic, political and gender inequalities and environmental challenges.

It also resolved to develop strategies to counter the violent extremist narrative that can incite terrorist acts and address conditions that were conducive to the spread of violent extremism.

The joint communiqué further recognized and appreciated the extensive regional consultations with local around the lake chad basin and will also continue to engage the communities across the four countries around the lake chad basin to hear their voices and consider their recommendation.

The forum also resolved that it will continue to act as a platform for fostering regional cooperation on stabilization, peace building and sustainable development for the region affected by the boko Haram crisis.

It will serve to enhance joint efforts towards stabilizing, peace, building and fostering sustainable development across the lake chad basin through promotion of dialogue and cross border design and exchange of information and crisis response support.

The forum also resolved to use the forum to promote a bootom up approach to stabilization and peace building of the lake chad basin while recognizing that communities take identified traditional and religious institutions, women and young people as essential to charting path towards stabilization and peace.

It also expressed appreciation to President Muhammadu Buhari, Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno state, for their hospitality , other Governors from Nigeria, governors of states or regions around the lake chad basin , the UN office to West Africa and the Sahel, UN office to Central Africa and UNDP for their technical and secretarial support, for planning, facilitating and organizing the forum in close collaboration with the African States , ECOWAS and the Economic Community of Central African States.

The forum also acknowledged the support of governments of Germany, Sweden and Norway as well as other multilateral, regional and bilateral partners while noting that the forum has agreed to hold the next or second Lake Chad Basin Governors Forum meeting in Niger Republic at the end of the first quarter of 2019.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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