The Honourable Speaker,
Anambra State House of Assembly,

With profound respect Sir, may I, Chukwunenye Nweke, of the above listed contacts and the accused person in the criminal case: COP vs Chukwunenye Nweke; Charge no: MAW/ 140c/ 2013, humbly use this medium to appeal to the Chairman, Anambra State House of Assembly committee on Justice, Human Rights and Legal Matters to summon the state Hon. Attorney General and COP, to explain the regularities/ administrative misconducts surrounding my prosecution by the Anambra State COP.

That on 13th May, 2013, being the date I was arraigned before Magistrate Court, Awka by COP, and after due registration of the charge by COP, I applied for the documents involved in my case as required by section 185(2) of Anambra State ACJL, 2010, and section 36(6B) of 2011 Constitution of Nigeria , behold, the complainant in the charge, Lecturer Mrs. Aguiyi Anuli Ihuoma and others, bribed State C.I.D, Awka with the sum of Five Hundred Thousand Naira(N500,000.00) and conspired with State C.I.D, Awka, to forge the Paramount and acquittal documents I needed to prove my innocence before the trial court. Lecturer Mrs. Aguiyi Anuli Ihuoma and others threatened to kidnap or kill me within or after my trial for raising my voice over the forgeries, perjuries, abuse of justice and my right to fair trial masterminded by the aforesaid lecturer. Consequently, I petitioned COP and the state Hon. Attorney General, on the the abuse of legal procedure; And other criminal and prejudicial acts perpetrated by Lecture Mrs. Aguiyi Anuli Ihuoma, of Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe, and others.

In correspondence to the subsequent petitions I addressed to COP on the criminal and fraudulent acts besieging my case, the said petitions were encroached and neglected by State C.I.D. Awka, police officers when minuted to them to investigate or arrest the offenders as stipulated on section 14(1a)(1b) of Anambra State ACJL,2010. Meanwhile, the state Hon. Attorney General in his intervention, confiscated the case file for over eight (8) months now and yet to issue any legal advice on the matter or continue the matter or discharge the charge as conferred on his office by section 160(1,2) and 161(1), of Anambra State ACJ Law, 2010.

That in view of the above, I had on several occasions visited and petitioned both COP and the Commissioner for justice, to do Justice to my reports but justice is yet to be done to my reports,thus, the copy of the petition I addressed to ministry of justice on 11th January, 2016 and 22nd February, 2017, are hereby annexed. More so, the petition addressed to State Police Headquarters on 2nd December, 2013, 14th May, 2014, 31st October, 2014 and 14th September, 2015 are hereby annexed, for meticulous reasons.

Moreover, Lecturer Mrs. Aguiyi Anuli Ihuoma, Mr. Ndu Onuko and Mrs. Ogochukwu Ikunne, who are the complainants in this case, have continued to subject my quest for justice to bribery scandals and breach of my fundamental human right to justice , as they have continued to vow that they would use their money to make sure that Justice is never done to my reports before COP and the state ministry of justice. That Lecturer Mrs. Aguiyi Anuli Ihuoma asserted that, they paid police lawyers Five Hundred Thousand Naira to forge my acquittal documents (exhibit A1 and A2). Lecturer Mrs. Aguiyi Anuli Ihuoma said that she was the mastermind of the seizure and negligence of my petitions by agents attached to Anambra State Government and state police command.

Lecturer Mrs. Aguiyi Anuli Ihuoma alleged that, a total sum of One Million Naira(N1,000,000.00) bribe have been distributed to influence the agents of the state government and police, that are handling my complaints against her and others. Lecturer Mrs. Aguiyi Anuli Ihuoma and others involved in my case have threatened to employ any unlawful means to ensure that the facts of the allegation of attempted kidnapping they libeled against me are not made overt while Lecturer Mrs. Aguiyi Anuli Ihuoma and others have continued to defame my reputation before the members of the village and public as the person that masterminded the attempt to kidnap Lecturer Mrs. Aguiyi Anuli Ihuoma on the alleged evening hours between 7:00pm to 8:00pm, on Saturday 23rd February,2013, henceforth, it is on this note Sir, that I write your office to cause for thorough investigation on this case.

It is very pertinent to note Sir, that the trial court had on 29th March, 2017, adjourned the case to sine die because, Anambra State Hon. Attorney has confiscated the police case file and perpetually refused to issue legal advice on the matter. More so, it is absolutely imperative to note Sir, that as a defendant in the above mentioned charge, a citizen of Anambra State and Nigeria at large, the constitution of Nigeria grants me the fundamental rights to adequate facilities, fair trial, life, respect to my dignity; Freedom of information and others, but behold, all my rights have been violated by the agencies or agents to the state government and police, as masterminded by Lecturer Mrs. Aguiyi Anuli Ihuoma .

That pursuant to freedom of information Act, both the state ministry of justice and police headquarters, are expected to probe my reports and issue out their respective official reports on their respective investigation, but the said Act and other provisions have been grossly violated by agents to state government and police, suspected to be working under the directive and influence of the parties involved in this matter.

Finally Sir, in respect to the allegation of attempted kidnapping leveled against me by Lecturer Mrs. Aguiyi Anuli Ihuoma and others, and the charge instituted against me by the state COP, my reputable character have been damned before the members of public. This is so because, on the day of my arrest, police handcuffed and paraded me like a notorious criminal, thereby destroying my good character before the people. Also, police in its official investigation report conducted by State C.I.D, Awka, on the alleged attempted abduction, defamed my reputation and indicted me of the allegation of attempted kidnapping despite I was supposed to be presumed to be innocent until proven guilty before a competent court of law, therefore, I have been vested by huge mental and other physiological traumas, as I am always full of thoughts on how to clear myself of the police charge. And based on this, I decided to write your office to save my life from impunity, suppression of justice, biasness, levity on the side the state ministry of justice; Save my life from the state police command that hurriedly libeled me of being a kidnap kingpin but keeps on abetting the violation of both federal and state laws by Lecturer Mrs. Aguiyi Anuli Ihuoma, State C.I.D Legal personnel and many others.

That I was arrested and tried by law established by Anambra State House of Assembly, thus, I call on your committee to squeeze the state COP and Hon. Attorney General on the reason they are entreating my complaints which also based on violation of state law, with gruesome levity? Hence, I appeal to your office to employ the power confer on it by law, to mandate COP and Hon. Attorney General, to probe the annexed petition respectively and forward their findings on the said petitions before your committee on Justice, Human Rights and Legal Matter.

I shall be counting on your cooperation,
Chukwunenye Nweke.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)


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