litmus Tests Of Mr. Change And Mr. Continuity On Nigerian Situations Are Shattered Dreams Or Laborious Efforts In Futility-phase Two.

Having examined critically, Mr. Change and Mr. Continuityin analytical political experiments, the deductions or the political inferences drawn from them obviously indicate shattered dreams of prosperity, phenomenal economic development, gainful employment and appreciable security of life and property and the principles of egalitarianism or real democracy that genuine patriots, compatriots, the poor or all hopeless impoverished people have long been yearning for. These in all senses are analogous to unfulfilled obligations, promises, deception and tantalization, insatiable desire for power with impunity and unaddressed pseudo democracy which is at variance with real democracy or principles of egalitarianism.

Africans! Nigerians! We should be salivating for principles of egalitarianism or real democracy for the security, phenomenal transformation of our socio-economic situations, political culture and unity of Africa and Nigeria.

I Aladeola Olasupo Ajayi, strongly affirm it again that a situational change is a reflection of a critical situational point from where a particular situation must be improving progressively (gradually) at increasing rate; or at worst, remains as it is (a genera situational stagnation) but come-hell, it must not deteriorate a pinch further on any ground that anybody could adduce. For clear verification, take 2007 or 2014 as a base year for analytical comparison of trends of general prices of goods, incidence of crimes, insecurity, both internal and external debts, unemployment and price of fuel or petrol per litre.

In my own perspective, a general situational point connotes a general position or a state of economy, state of security or insecurity, level of gross domestic product or national income, position of country’s indebtedness, state of check and balances among three arms of government (executive legislature and judiciary), the state of justice or injustice, state of religious tolerance, state of patriotism. State of social relations, harmony or unity, political culture and state of electoral conditions- whether it is free and fair or devoided of election malpractices, hooliganism and thuggery.

Furthermore, any situational point at which any new government starts operating should at worsts, remains as it is. For instance if price of petrol per litre could not be reduced from N75 to N40 or N74 it must not increase to N76 instead it should remain as it is. The same thing should be applicable to other commodities and especially the staple. This is just an example.

A Yoruba adage – Oosa bo le e gbe mi semi bi o ti ba mi. That is oracle (deity) if you can improve my life do not destroy it.

The bitter truth is that Nigerians ought to have started experiencing positive effects of visible socio-economic transformation, appreciable solace, assuagements and appreciable security improvement since 2016, given one year of adequate planning and preparationinstead of verbal tussles, exaggerated presentations, fake achievements, white elephant, political gimmicks and gimcrack policies that pervade the entire country at both federal level and state level now.

In this context, gimcrack or audacious trick policies are clever ways of employing series of temporary or all sorts of policies and propagandas by most incumbent governments, their stalwart supporters and sycophants to exploit political gimmicks with the sole aim of gaining advantage over their opposing parties or political opponents. They are very fond of using all sorts of gimmicks particularly when they are bidding for another term of office or about to leave office.

The political gimmicks in specific term, are all necessary things, projects or programs that the incumbent government ought to have done as soon as they assumed the mantle of government or long time age which they abandoned or left undone until they are about to leave office or bidding for another tenure of office.

In general perspective, political gimmicks are all sorts of the sine qua non or fundamental things and projects which they are usually in hast, attempting, saying or doing whenever they are bidding for another terms of offices or about to leave their office.

Although they could be apparently good or fair, yet they are deceptive attempts or speciousness. Most of these clever politicians usually use them to tantalize the poor and even some of the rich who could not decipher and discern their gimmickry into their political webs. They always exploit the political gimmicks with motives of gratification their insatiable desires with impunity

From any real patriot’s perspective, these are all sorts of indispensable things they ought to have done ever since or very earlier than the time they are about to leave office (long time ago) because the effect of value of anything is significantly a function of time of commencement or occurrence of such a thing.

The few examples of commonly applied gimmicks are following indisputable facts:

v Persuading internationally influential personalities into discrediting highly influential strong opponents or critics with derogatory remark or commentary to confute him or them. For instance, this type of commentary or remark could undoubtedly prompt the following questions or discourage their stalwarts from taking their remark seriously. Furthermore, how very questionable it is to the patriots or true compatriots is that why such a derogatory commentary (or commentaries) was not made before 2007, 2011 or most importantly 2015 general elections when such political opponents were their strong supporters? Why now?-very rhetoric and paradoxical questions.

v Generalizing of their governmental or administrative short-comings on untenable and unacceptable reasons.

v Apparent projects or white elephant.
v Ostensible employment with payment of peanuts or trifling amount.

v Payment of pensions, arrears and gratuities to retirees and pensioners after some of them have died without being paid or collecting their due.

v Exaggerated propaganda.
v Giving out of money to lure the voters to their sides.

v Using certificates, experience, degrees obtained and wealth acquired as propaganda or delusion of grandeur.

v Trapping or witch-hunting the strong opponents by foul or all means for not relinquishing their rights or giving in to the request of the supreme authority.

v Clever use of force to weaken any strong opposition.

v Awarding of lofty honours to misdirect the intention of political novice or those that could not discern easily, their political deceptive plans or speciousness.

v Attempting to pass a bill or bills to silent people or prevent the patriots from airing their views which could even enhance the progress or unity of their country.

v Threatening and undue rumination of strong members of the incumbent political parties that intend to leave the parties with apprehension, jailing, impounding or forfeiture of their properties.

v Clever ways of engaging in all sorts of election malpractices against opposing parties or political opponents.

These facts are revealed purposely to preempt the master plans of the political exploiters and guide us on how to exercise our precious franchise shrewdly or judiciously. If the genuine patriots could take cognizance of these facts and disseminate them to the appropriate quarters they will not only liberate us from present predicaments we are exposed to but also ensure and enshrine real democracy and principles of egalitarianism.

These political gimmicks in another sense are analogous to political instruments or devices being employed always to gain cheap popularity and advantages over any opposing party or political opponents especially, in a poverty ridden society without being mindful of Mr. Justice and their conscience.

I sincerely reiterate it that there is nothing they could do now that their tenures of offices remain few months or less than a yearwhich should appeal appreciably to the senses of our shrewd patriots, true compatriots and experienced political analysts except poverty ridden people in a state of hopelessness.

Therefore, the Litmus Tests of the Mr. Change and Mr. Continuity are mere exhibitions of laborious efforts in futility no matter the lofty presentation of the apparent projects or ostensible propaganda that our political functionaries or incumbent governments embark on now that the ends of their terms of offices are at hand. Even if they start building lofty castles here and there and constructing unprecedented roads now they should not be taken serious or allow their apparent projects, policies or ostensible propaganda to elicit undeserved support for them if truly, we want to prevent our political history from repeating itself again.

Now, let us call a spade a spade those that have said that change could not take place over night or within the stipulated four years should please seeNigerians as good situational decipherers, political discerners and human beings of high intelligence and political acumen.

All the altruistic compatriots and patriots, are you not in Nigeria witnessing the ongoings? Why do not we for God sakes, subject the present situations into comparative analysis objectively and fine-tune the real democracy.

The situation on ground now is how to rescue our country Nigeria, from being erased from the map of Africa irrespective of political affiliation, nationalism or tribalism, type of certificates, degrees, experiences, tribalism, regionalism nor wealth acquired unless we are still deceiving one another or ourselves.

It should be noted that, truly, the federal government should be blamed or held responsible for the persistence ignominious insecurity in this country because it was the major reason why most of Nigerians voted for them, especially our President yet the states also should not be exonerated from these prevalent predicaments in this country unless we are deceiving one another or ourselves.

My their fathers, elder brothers and fellow Nigerians I have been sending my write-ups to you since 2014 because I assume that you are patriots and would be ready to let us fine-tune real means of transforming Nigeria into a real democratic or pragmatic egalitarian society.

Please, I do not need to remind you that king Pharaoh of Egypt in 1650BC period, did not only prevented his country from impending ignominious faming but also made it most reputable land of refugees by appointing the slave Joseph Prime Minister. Prophet Samuel in 1000BCE period, despite the dangerous situations in Israel then he obeyed the voice of God by anointing David, the youngest child of family of Jesse instead of his highly brothers. For better understanding and analysis try to meditate on my former write-up tagged Association for Actualisation of Nigerian’s destinies.

All the patriots of this country should henceforth engage in serious prayer for real democracy so as to turn our country to a real democratic or egalitarian society.

Please, for impeccable appraisal start meditating on my following write-ups. Truly there is no one of them that does not stand the test of time as at the time it was or is written. Truly Nigeria needs to be redeemed.

Truly, God is God of justice and mercy, my fellow Nigerians let us be just and merciful in whatever we are doing as if it were the last thing for us to do here on earth.

Dear patriots it is high time I reminded you that though bile is bitter yet truth is bitterer. Nigeria is bitterly perturbed and very distressed because her children are dying on daily bases. Our solders, police and defenseless innocent citizens are being killed here and there in the country. Please let us adopt realdemocracyinstead of the pseudo democracy which we have fallen into its net on whims and caprices. Who does not know that the baby of pseudo democracy is an imposed authority either directly or indirectly? Nigerians peace and unity are very indispensible to our co-existence.

Really, this pseudo democracy which is characterized by the spirit of nepotism, injustice, self-centredness, regionalism and marginalization, insecurity, economic recession, election malpractices, hooliganism and thuggery is the main problem that mars or tends to erase completely the name of Nigeria from the map of Africa and the world. Please for peace, unity and security in this country, let us heed these indispensable pieces of advice.

Furthermore, with situation on ground, these altruistic patriots must be magnanimous enough to introduce new order into our political system by willingly sponsoring them if needs arise without ploys for selfish ends or undue rewards. That is, these patriots must do all they could just for the sake of this great country and all that entail to evolve true democratic or egalitarian society..

All the patriots who are yearning for phenomenal economic transformation, peace, unity and security of lives and properties could no more be rejoicing or laughing for being in their land. Again for better understanding meditate on my former write-ups tagged: Critical Analysis of the State of Insecurity in Nigeria and its consequences- 30/08/2014 and Nigerians, be more conscious of the situations on ground-16/12/2014.

Therefore I appeal to fellow Nigerians who have great desire for security, peace and unity of this country to beware so as not to allow these two major parties that are always too critical and cynical of each other to still force themselves on us or lure the poor with peanuts or morsels.

Why would we be the people who usually sell their precious franchises for trifling amount or morsels during the elections? Please my people our franchises are very precious and they can liberate us from these predicaments that pervade our entire country if we exercise our franchises shrewdly, judiciously and appropriately.

Nigerians we need self-restructuring and patriotic political culture. The entire ongoings in Nigeria would never surprise you. If you have been reading and meditating on all my write-ups since 2014.

Although, this write-up could be misconstrued by some people who are hell bent on achieving their self centred ambitions with impunity or at the expense of this great country, yet the facts in it still stand the test of time if it is shrewdly and patriotically examined.

As usual, I am not interested in mocking or criticizing any government and its political strategic governance because a lion could neither stretches nor extends a rod of iron an inch in length longer by its claws or might except by an extender. Therefore it should be noted that this write-up is not meant toundermine nor undergird your government, strategic political approaches, governance, experience, intelligence, or reputation yet for the liberation of this great country from insecurity, disunity, nepotism, tribalism, economic recession, and serious unemployment in mercy and in fear of Almighty God, I arise oh compatriots. This is a paradoxical drum which calls for only the witty to dance and the knowledgeable to discern it.

Arise oh compatriot…
Bile is bitter, yet truth is bitterer than bile- Paradoxical write-up.


Ajayi Alade-ola Olasupo : Email:[email protected]: Phone number: 08072947605 /08127650966


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)

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