London attacker British-born, once under extremist watch – Reports

Members of the emergency services work on Westminster Bridge, alongside the Houses of Parliament in central London on March 22, 2017 during an emergency incident. British police shot a suspected attacker outside the Houses of Parliament in London on Wednesday after an officer was stabbed in what police said was a “terrorist” incident. One woman has died and others have “catastrophic” injuries following a suspected terror attack outside the British parliament, local media reported on Wednesday citing a junior doctor. / AFP PHOTO / Niklas HALLE’N

The lone attacker who carried out a deadly rampage in central London was a British-born man once investigated for possible extremist links, but was “not part of the current intelligence picture,” Britain’s prime minister said Thursday.

According to Washingtonpost  the remarks by Theresa May did not name the suspect who left three people dead — two mowed down by his SUV on the Westminster Bridge and a police officer stabbed outside Parliament — before he was fatally shot.

But May offered new details about his past scrutiny by authorities, who described Wednesday’s attacks as “inspired by international terrorism” but likely waged by the suspect alone.

In a statement to the House of Commons, May said that the assailant was born in Britain was once investigated by security services “ in relations to concerns about violent extremism”

“He was a peripheral figure,” she added. “The case was historic. He was not part of the current intelligence picture. There was no prior intelligence of his intent or of the plot. Intensive investigations continue.”

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