Lonim Roadmap! Lonim Roadmap!! Lonim Roadmap!!!


The LOWER NIGER INDEPENDENCE MOVEMENT (LONIM) is a coalition platform to drive the Independence of the Lower Niger Project. LONIM is not a replacement name for Biafra as is being alleged in some quarters. LONIM operates on the Biafranist ideology as enunciated in the Ahiara Declaration of June 1, 1969.

The LONIM ROAD MAP will involve the following:-

(1) Drafting and Signing “The Charter of Relationship” amongst all the sub-ethnic groups in the Lower Niger region – The essence of this charter is to describe and state how the various sub-ethnic groups in the Lower Niger region will relate to each other after gaining our independence to allay fear of domination by any group over the others.

(2) Designation of the 1885 ethnolinguistics map as the basis/territory under contention for our independence from Nigeria. You cannot be agitating for a nation without a clear-defined and collectively agreed map/boundaries. The keywords here are “CLEARLY-DEFINED & COLLECTIVELY AGREED.”

(3) Establishment of the “Assets Protection and Guarantee Scheme” (APGS) – The essence of this scheme is to make sure that no asset owned by the peoples of the Lower Niger in the Nigeria territory is declared an “Abandoned Property” or confiscated as it will be the duty of the incoming Government of the region to reclaim these assets for all our people. To achieve this: All Our people who own properties/investments will be required to take inventory of such assets and have them well documented.

(4) Doctrine of Regional Stability:- Bearing in mind that about 3 million barrels of crude oil and undisclosed millions of cubic feet of LNG that is taken from our region are at stake, this will ensure that the assets of the Multinational Organisations and other “Big players” are protected. Those that support the self-determination quest now will have an advantage ahead of others who do not support us.

(5) Extension of hands of fellowship/collaboration with the emerging neighbouring nations: – The region of the Lower Niger will extend hands of fellowship to the Middle Belters and the Oduduwa Republic (SW) since we are all victims of the Hausa-Fulani Sokoto Caliphate evil vices.

(6) Stating of our grievances against the British-created contraption called Nigeria: – We will be required to state our grievances against the Nigerian entity while making our case at the UN and one of such grievances is being forced to be governed by the evil and fraudulent constitution of Nigeria – This is a document that started telling lies right from its PREAMBLE by fraudulently claiming that – “WE THE PEOPLE – agreed, drafted and authored the charade”, even when it is a known fact that WE THE PEOPLE – did not know how Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar (Retd) came about that fraudulent document called THE NIGERIAN CONSTITUTION.

(7) Official Application to UN for her mandated and supervised referendum on the territory of the Lower Niger- This will be done by our team of International Lawyers and Lobbyists who are very knowledgeable in the field and among whom is a former deputy Attorney General of the USA. The successful application will then be followed by the actual referendum under UN terms and conditions.

(8) A well-thought-out Transition: – To avoid anarchy in the land, the LONIM ROADMAP TO THE INDEPENDENCE OF THE LOWER NIGER PEOPLES has a well-thought-out transition programme tailored toward the South African transitional programme from Apartheid rule to popular Civil/Multi-Racial Democratic rule of the 1990s. To achieve this, the currently elected Individuals from the Lower Niger Region in Nigerian political process will still be in power (in their various offices) until the transition Programme is completed. Thus, the currently elected officers should not entertain any fear but to support the independence process as they will still serve our people till the completion of the transition from Nigeria the independence of our region.

NOTE: A United Nations’ mandated and supervised Referendum on the Region of Lower Niger is the only viable, BLOODLESS, and non-violent option for the independence of our people (Ibibio, Ijaw, Igbo, Ogoni, Itsekiri, Urhobo, Edo, Igala, Effik, Bakassy, Isoko, Idoma, Okpe, Anioma etc). LONIM is the platform to deliver it.

LONIM shall articulate the economic, political, and socio-cultural vision/aspiration of our people and drive these through the Referendum. LONIM NEEDS YOUR IDEAS AND FINANCIAL SUPPORT TO DRIVE THIS THROUGH. The least you can do is to make sure that everyone around you understands this plan today. The more people understand the roadmap, the easier it is to propel this program.

Thank you

Dr. Emeka Onyebuchi (LONIM SECRETARIAT)


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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