Makeup Monday: Spring Cleaning With Natural Beauty Guru Shiva Rose

One way to ring in spring is to get your hair feeling conditioned and nourished with a DIY mane mask, says the holistic beauty entrepreneur.

There’s something about the start of spring that often inspires people to clean up their health, wellness and beauty act (or at the very least, do a good makeup-bag detox and wipe down). But the task of spring-cleaning the body can be daunting without a guide.

Enter Shiva Rose, the actress turned holistic beauty entrepreneur who, along with her own oils, blends the right balance of style and a super natural approach to beauty and life in general.

Here, the founder of Shiva Rose Beauty shares her insight on how certain smells, oils and supplements can kick-start a pared-down daily routine to help shed dull winter skin and lift spirits for spring.

What are some of the ways a drastic change in weather can affect someone’s mood and body?

Weather can most definitely affect our moods, health and body. When we were having the droughts here in California, I felt it on a cellular level and once the rains began, I could feel my skin, hair and health becoming more alive and fertile. Now we are seeing more and more studies about how the lack of sunlight can drastically affect our moods and immune systems. Lack of light can lower serotonin levels, which can affect our hormones. Vitamin D is crucial for the winter months, and taking in extra oil-rich foods to combat the drying effects of heaters is a must. Many people also can feel changes in the seasons through their joints and skin. A wonderful supplement that can help alleviate that is MSM. It’s a sulfur that our body makes that can help decrease inflammation in the body. It also benefits hair, nails and skin.

How do you suggest switching up some beauty and wellness rituals in order to shed winter doldrums and be ready to bring in spring?

Spring is the season for renewal and new beginnings. When we are in sync with the seasons and the cycles of the sun and moon, we have a deeper connection to our spirit. Some ways of bringing in the bounty and blessings of springtime is through self-care or beauty rituals. This is a great time to release the past season and literally shed our old skin. One way to do this is by using a body brush and using the Ayurvedic method of detoxifying the skin and exfoliating our body. This is done by brushing the skin when it is dry in upward motions (more on this method here). After this, you can take a bath with a nontoxic scrub made of sugar or salt and some essential oils. I use my Sea Siren Body Scrub since it has lemongrass, which can release negativity.

Another way to bring in spring is by getting your hair feeling conditioned and nourished. A simple DIY conditioning hair mask that will make your hair shine is using some coconut oil, avocado and honey. Here is the recipe:


1 avocado
2 eggs
1 tablespoon of honey
1 tablespoon of coconut oil


1. Mix all ingredients into a bowl
2. Apply to your hair from the ends to the roots
3. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes
4. Rinse

Another way to celebrate springtime energy is by doing a spring-cleaning in your home and closet. This will shift the energy and help release what no longer serves you, so new energy and blessings can come in.

How do you switch up your beauty routine in order to hydrate skin or temper oiliness?

To help oily skin, I like to use a gentle face scrub using chickpea or almond flour. This will exfoliate without breaking down the microbiome of the skin. To add more nourishing oils, I use jojoba and sometimes even ghee on the skin.

Where are some of your favorite places for beauty in Los Angeles?

I like to go to the Korean Spa at times, or I will drive to Ojai to see healers and this facialist who is wonderful. Ojai is healing in its energy and environment. I will get a facial from Daron Hope and a massage from Amber. I like Tikkun Spa in Santa Monica, since they have yoni steams and also a rose quartz infrared sauna.

Source: lstyle