Makeup Monday: Vamp Stamps, Lip Tattoos and More Out-of-the-Box Beauty Products Perfect for Travel

How to look put-together with a minimum of effort.

Not traveling with your own glam squad? Fear not, you can still look fresh and pulled together for Instagram group selfies with a minimum of effort, thanks to these out-of-the-box beauty items. 

The Vamp Stamp ($25, at

Not to be confused with a similar sounding “stamp,” this tool is a quick and easy way to get a cat-eye eyeliner without a lot of wiping and smudging.

Available in two sizes (depending on how far you want the flick at the corner to extend), the Vamp Stamp literally stamps on the cat-eye flick when positioned at the desired angle. This little tool could come in handy for a girl’s weekend dinner or evening bachelorette look. Quick and effective.

Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50 ($28 for 3.4oz, at

Supergoop seems to have thought of every single way to apply sunscreen to one’s face or body, and this setting mist is a trifecta of convenience, protection and shine control. Spray it on for a matte finish that’s great for hot or humid climates, plus, of course, key sun protection.

MAC Next to Nothing Face Color ($31, at

Naturally perfect skin? Right. This new formula from MAC promises the perfect no-makeup makeup foundation that should fit right into a effortless vacation beauty look.

Kristofer Buckle Power Lock Makeup Setting Spray ($29,98, at

Mariah Carey and Blake Lively’s makeup artist understands how to make a gorgeous face stay put through performances, press junkets and premieres. His Power Lock spray keeps makeup intact and looking fresh, even through an all-day sightseeing excursion.

Mirai Clinical Japanese Brush Paper/Dry Shampoo ($10, at

This simple but genius product attaches to your hair brush and cleans and absorbs oil from the roots when pulled through the hair, achieving the effect of dry shampoo without adding more product and build-up.

Berrisom 6 Colors My Lip Tint Pack Set ($13, at

To get that popsicle-red pinch of color on your lips, try a tattoo. No, seriously. This decal-like product transfers just a stain of color to the lips that promises to last until it is taken off.

SOURCE: lstyle