Man pleads guilty to ripping out girlfriend’s intestines after she mentioned her ex’s name during sex (PHOTOS)

Man pleads guilty to ripping out girlfriend

Man pleads guilty to ripping out girlfriend

A thug who ripped out his girlfriend’s intestines after she screamed her ex-husband’s name during sex has pleaded guilty to murder.

A Florida court will jail Fidel Lopez, 26, for life after he admitted murder and sexual battery charges to avoid the death penalty.

Lopez had told cops he got “really, really mad” and turned into a “monster” after his lover, Maria Nemeth, twice shouted her ex’s name during drunken sex.

He said he flew into a rage, drunk on tequila, and shattered a sliding glass door, punched holes in the wall and ripped a wardrobe door off its hinges.

According to a police report he returned to 31-year-old Maria, who was lying unconscious on the floor, and began to use various objects, such as beer bottles and his own hands to attack her.

He eventually ripped out part of her intestines with his hands, according to disturbing details in a report by US cops.

Lopez washed his hands and went outside for a cigarette before calling 911 to say his lover was not breathing in 2015.

When police arrived they found him crying for help next to her naked body.

Blood and bodily tissue covered the floor and walls and half a bottle of tequila and sliced limes were in the kitchen.

She was pronounced dead less than 30 minutes after the initial call to police.

Lopez initially claimed her injuries were the result of rough sex, and said she had asked him to inset a beer bottle inside her but later confessed to killing her.

Police interrogation videos showed investigators probing him to tell the full story, after they found a bloody scene at the apartment.

He told detectives: “She changed my name.

“She called me the name of the other f***ing guy – and she said it twice and she was wrong and she was confusing me with him.”

Lopez had pleaded guilty in the hope of securing a 50-year sentence but this was rejected by prosecutors, NBC Miami reports.

He will receive a life term without parole when formally  sentenced on August 3.

Defence attorney Gabe Ermine said: “Mr. Lopez was very remorseful and as evidenced by what he did today, he took full responsibility, accepts full responsibility, and decided to accept the plea, which is life.”

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